Time to lace up!

Time to lace up!

New in 2018 - starting January 15!

We have loved watching the interest in running at our Studio grow and are thrilled to announce regular class times for 2018!  Whether you are a beginner who isn't sure where to start, someone who's been doing this a while but still hesitant to call yourself a "real runner" (you are one, btw) or a "real runner" looking to improve your performance, we have a group for you!  

All levels are welcome at each class time and will have a specific workout tailored to your running level!  We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 am and pm and Saturday mornings  at 7 am (in the summer we switch times)


What's Included?

3 runs per week (Tu/Th 5:30 am or pm + Saturday mornings).

1 yoga class per week.

Warmup drills, injury prevention drills and stretches tailored to your sore spots. 

Beginner Runners

This group will be for those runners looking to run their first, or first in a very long time, 5k.  The workouts will start out in a run/walk pattern and grow from there so that by the end of your training package, you are able to run the entire 5k race! 

You should expect to train for 10-12 weeks to really get the full benefit and results from this program.  You will have many options within that time frame for choosing local Tulsa races to practice in, and your Coach will help you pick an appropriate target end race. 

Tulsa 5k Race Dates

January 20 - Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long (we'll go short!)

February  17 - Sweetheart Run

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day 5k

April 7 - Aquarium Run

Intermediate 5k

If you've run in a 5k recently, (congratulations! ) We're putting you into this category.  You're ready to add some variety into your workouts, be introduced to track workouts and shoot for a faster time.  You'll take your longest distance beyond the 3.1 miles of the 5k and build extra endurance.

This program is also best followed for 10-12 weeks to get the maximum benefit.  Like the beginning group, you will have plenty of options for practice races leading up to one that you and Coach decide on to be your celebration race!

Half Crazies

If you've got a few 5ks under your belt and are ready to tackle a longer distance - this group is for you!  We will help slowly build you up to this distance, or if you're already there, help you add in speed workouts and tempo runs so that you can continue to get faster and grow as a runner.

This program is best followed for 12-16 weeks.  There are several half marathons to choose from in April and May both locally and in the region.  Depending on your start date and level, you and your Coach will pick the best race for you!

Tulsa Area Half Marathons

March 31 - Tulsa Half Marathon

April 7 - Aquarium Run

April 29 - OKC Memorial Half Marathon

Sign Up!

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