Make Healthy Choices. Earn Points. Win Prizes.
The best way to stay motivated over the holiday season!

The holiday season is here and we are ready to help you stay active and feeling good! Reindeer Games is the perfect opportunity to be healthy and have a good routine through this busy season ahead of us… and test out the new schedule we’ve been teasing. Select the time slot that works best for you and you’ll have 5 opportunities to get those workouts in and build the strength you want, no excuses!

Reindeer games started when…

Sprenkel brought this concept to us from her fitness hometown of Memphis, Tennessee three years ago.  Her favorite gym there, InsideOut Life Gym, created this fun way to stay engaged in the routine of health and fitness over one of the most stressful and busy times of the year. 

The concept is simple. 

  1. Workout

  2. Earn Points

  3. Win Prizes

This year’s prizes include trips to the spa, free coffees, free t-shirts and more. The grand prize winner gets a 3 month FitCamp membership and $100 to spend on self care!

What Reindeer Games includes:

  1. A weekly Bingo card that includes point squares of tasks like attending classes, bringing friends, eating your vegetables and other ways to stay healthy over the holidays.

  2. Access to all classes on the schedule - yoga, running, FitCamp.

  3. Chances to win prizes! Every Bingo sticker earned gets you one entry into the drawing for the grand prizes and every row of Bingo earns you a chance to pick a prize from our prize pot!

  4. A little smack talking amongst the participants ;)

Early Bird pricing starts now so sign up below!


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