Reindeer Games

Make Healthy Choices. Earn Points. Win Prizes.
The best way to stay motivated over the holiday season!
 Last year's champion, Catharine!

Last year's champion, Catharine!


It all started when...

Sprenkel brought the Reindeer Games to Tulsa from her old hometown of Memphis, Tennessee three years ago.  Her favorite gym there, InsideOut Life Gym, created this fun way to stay engaged in the routine of health and fitness over one of the most stressful and busy times of the year.  The concept was simple - 

  1. Workout
  2. Earn Points
  3. Win Prizes

We've put our own StudiOne spin on the games this year!  Workouts, points and prizes are still involved, including grand prizes of free monthly membership and free fit camps!  

What's included:

  1. A weekly Bingo card that includes point squares of tasks like attending classes, bringing friends, eating your vegetables and other ways to stay healthy over the holidays.
  2. Access to all classes on the schedule - yoga, running, YogaFit, Fit Camp.
  3. Chances to win prizes!  Every Bingo sticker earned gets you one entry into the drawing for the grand prizes and every row of Bingo earns you a chance to pick a prize from our prize pot!
  4. A little smack talking amongst the participants ;) 

B.O.G.O. 50% Deal

We're so excited about this year's Reindeer Games Tulsa, we've decided to offer a B.O.G.O. (buy one get one for those not fancy with acronyms) 50% so you can invite a friend to do it with you!  How y'all split up the payments is up to you: gift it, split it, Venmo it, whatever.  But we'd love for you to share the games with a friend (must not be someone who has been a member of Studio activities in the past).  Limited time offer.