June Habit of the Month: Hydrate!

We are all about creating and sustaining healthy habits here at StudiOne, and this can move far beyond the typical habits of exercise and healthy eating.  We want to share with y’all some of our favorite habits by encouraging you to join in with us over a monthly period. Our first habit, because of the rising temperatures and timely relevance in this summer-in-Oklahoma season, is to drink more water (or, if you do a good job of this already, continue to drink water).

The benefits of being properly hydrated are well-researched.  More energy, higher metabolism, headache relief, improved athletic performance and improved memory and brain performance are all major benefits of drinking plenty of water.  

The exact amount of water you’ll need each day is variable based on your body size, age and activity level but chances are you’re getting just enough or not even. We compiled some of our favorite tips for helping us stay hydrated all day long.

IMG_5531 (1).JPG
  1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal, and another during your meal, taking sips between bites.

  2. Invest in a water bottle to set on your desk or keep in your car or your house.  There are many varieties now that can keep you drink cold for hours and hours. Try to find one with a straw - studies have shown that the easier it is (like not having to remove a lid) to take a sip, the more water you will drink.

  3. If you’re out drinking adult beverages, have a glass of water between each beverage (you’ll thank us in the morning).

  4. Add some citrus fruit or berries to your water if you think the stuff on its own is too bland.

So whatcha think?  Y’all up for this challenge with us this month?  We’ll provide tips, reminders and check-ins as we go, let us know if you’re with us!

Tips for Running in the Heat

It certainly feels like we went straight from a lingering winter into early summer around here.  Oh how we wish there would have been more mornings in the 40 degree temperature range instead of jumping from low 30s to 60s like it feels like the weather did.  Good ol’ Oklahoma.

We’ve put together our best tips for enjoying your runs, despite what the temperature might read outside.  We survived the winter, and we know with the right mindset, the summer will only make us tougher!

 time for lighter, looser layers!

time for lighter, looser layers!

  1. Dress appropriately - Repeat after me, “cotton is rotten.”  This is true for all weather but especially true in the heat.  You want a light-colored, loose, moisture-wicking fabric on your top half.   The color of your bottom half is less important but you still want to avoid cotton at all costs!

  2. Prepare for chafing - As the temperatures rise, the amount of clothing we wear falls.  This means more opportunity for skin-on-skin rubbing. If you do choose to wear shorts (a logical choice for the summer!), consider opting for tights, shorts with a tight base layer, or rubbin’ down those thighs with some good ol’ body glide.  Vaseline works well too. Other popular chafing areas: sports bra line, back of arms where they touch your torso.

  3. Hydrate - You’ll want to be thinking about your water intake before you get out on the route.  If your run is longer than an hour, you should carry water with you or make plans for your route to have water stops (for Studio runs longer than an hour, we’ll provide water stops!).  Be sure to have 8-12oz of water after your run if it’s longer than 30 minutes.

  4. Be Patient - When the temperatures change as fast as they have here, it can feel like the difficulty of your regular pacing goes right up with them.  Give your body 3-4 weeks to acclimate to running in the heat (think of it as it needs time to practice effectively cooling you down again) and while it still might not feel great, it will get better.  And, if you stick with it through the season, the fall will be a beautiful time!

 we love these shorts with a tighter layer underneath to prevent chafing.  these are from Athleta

we love these shorts with a tighter layer underneath to prevent chafing.  these are from Athleta

Don't forget we've got running groups to make it all a little more bearable!  We're currently training for the Firecracker 5k in July, and then will be in "train to maintain" mode until the fall race season is upon us!  Click here for more info!

 we've got water bottles for sale!

we've got water bottles for sale!

7 Tips to Keep Your FitCamp Momentum Rolling

So you’ve made it halfway through FitCamp - that’s amazing!  For some of you that may be a longer commitment to fitness than any in recent years, and for others it may seem like old hat.  Either way, it’s challenging. We have a few tips for staying motivated through the second half of this program!

 Revisit your progress, check your goals and make appointments to work out - all your journal!

Revisit your progress, check your goals and make appointments to work out - all your journal!

  1. Check in with your Journal - Look back on those early workouts to see how far you’ve come!  Remember the first time we brought you man makers?  We know you still hate em, but they’re not as hard as they used to be!

  2. Grab Heavier Weights - If you’re not 100% satisfied with your progress, have an honest chat with yourself (or one of us!) about if you’re challenging yourself enough.  None of you should still be on the same weights for arms or legs that you started this program with.  Going heavier will help speed up some more results, and add another element of challenge to the class!

  3. Use Your Bonus Class - We include these for a reason (and not just because we’re the sweetest trainers in Tulsa).  Yoga and/or running are beautiful compliments to this strength training you’re doing.  Give them a shot once a week to keep things spicy.

  4. Keep Showing Up - Shift the focus from specific results to making it to class and doing the circuits.  We want to shift from results-based thinking to action-based acting.  Rather than trying to force, or expecting to see particular results day after day, just keep showing up, using heavier weights and working as hard as you can - we promise it works!

  5. Schedule Workouts -- Schedule your workout as a business meeting with yourself! Write them down in your journal and add them to your calendar.  Making exercise part of your daily routine will help you stay on track-- even on those days with no fitcamp, schedule the time and use it to do yoga, take the dog on a walk, hike, bike, garden or even just be outside.

  6. Remember Your Goals -- Make it a game to about accomplishing that task. Make it fun and a challenge. Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound. If you need help setting goals, or feel like you aren’t making progress towards the ones you’ve already set, let us know! That’s what we are here for, after all.  

  7. Use the StudiOne Community/ family /friends to keep you accountable -- There is no better way to show up for your commitment than to include your friends in your journey.  Luckily, at StudiOne, you have a built in community of people who are going through the same fitness journey as you are! Use social media to get inspired, state your goals, or rely on the StudiOne Squad! You will receive so much love and support, and accountability.  Plus, your friends and fam want only what is best for you, no need to go at this alone!

 Use your bonus class!  Better yet, invite a friend to join you!

Use your bonus class!  Better yet, invite a friend to join you!

We hope these tips motivate you to keep showing up, challenging yourself and grow into a stronger you! We are so happy you chose StudiOne and can’t wait to see ya throughout the last half of the program!

7 Yoga Poses from a Chair

Continuing with our theme of do it yourself yoga (last week we gave you tips for an any-sized home yoga space), we know that you can’t always make it to a class when you need one. So… we want to help equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to be a self-guided yogi, functioning all on your own out there in the big bad world.   Say, in the middle of the workday when it’s just too busy to take a lunch.  Or, two hours in to your second flight of the day on a trip (hopefully somewhere fun!).  Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back.

We’ve put together some great stretches you can do right from your desk chair, or even in the middle seat of an airplane (yes… there is room)!  Keep these seven moves favorited for the next time you need a little seated stretch relief!

tempImageForSave (15).jpg

Seated Neck Stretch - From a tall seated position, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let your right ear drop towards your right shoulder.  Take a few deep breaths here, being mindful, letting your shoulder blades relax down your back.  Inhale the head back through center, take a few shoulder rolls, and on an exhale, switch to the left side.


tempImageForSave (16).jpg

Seated Spinal Twist - Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale twist your chest to face towards the right.  You can deepen this stretch up the spine by taking your gaze over the right shoulder in the back.  Use your legs or the seat as leverage beneath your hands to gently pull you deeper into the stretch.


tempImageForSave (20).jpg

Seated Overhead Reach - On a breath in, reach your hands up to the ceiling, interlocking your fingers.  Press your palms up to deepen the stretch from your fingers all the way underneath your shoulders.  Be sure to watch out for your neighbors as you take those arms up!


tempImageForSave (21).jpg

Seated Overhead Lateral Reach - Continuing to watch out for neighbors, if there’s room, you can exhale and extend that reach to each side.  Spend a few breaths on each side or move with one breath one motion a few times, coming back through center on an inhale.


tempImageForSave (19).jpg

Seated Forward Fold - Yes, you can squeeze this in an airplane seat, trust us (if long-legged Sprenkel can do it, so can you!).  Bend through your knees and fold forward reaching for your feet.  Let your head hang heavy between your arms.


tempImageForSave (18).jpg

Seated Figure 4 - Take one ankle and cross it over the opposite knee.  Simply sitting like this may be a deep enough stretch for some of you.  For others, feel free to lean forward with the chest a little bit, folding over the legs.  Be sure to switch sides.


tempImageForSave (17).jpg

Standing Chest Opener (also can do seated with hands on back of desk or seat in front of you) - This is a sweet sweet ending to this sequence, and almost feels like a downward facing dog.  You can use a wall if you are in your office, the overhead bin area if you can stand on the plane, or the seat in front of you if you can’t stand.  Place your hands above you on your designated space and on an exhale, allow your chest to fall between your shoulders, sinking your hips back.  Play around with the space you have, maybe taking a little twist or two to either side.

Good luck trying these poses at home, and please be sure to let us know if you try any of these and how they change your day or your trip!  And don’t try to tell us we never taught you anything ;).

Breathe. Relax. Let go....at home! Tips for Creating a Home Yoga Space

Y’all know we just love having you in our space at the studio to practice yoga with us.  We have worked hard to create an inviting, magical and inspirational studio for you-- from the big-curtained windows to the twinkly lights above your heads.  While we love hosting you, we have been be so tickled to hear that some of you are creating space to practice in your own homes!  

tempImageForSave (8).jpg

This seriously warms our hearts so much! We love to hear about your healthy lives outside of StudiOne. So, we wanted to put together a few tips for having a great yoga space in your home to use on those days you can’t make it in to see us.  

Your space can be created anywhere that you have room to roll out a yoga mat.  Don't let not having a separate room keep you from enjoying a little downward dog at home!  On the same note, if you've got a spare room, don't hesitate to turn it into a little dreamy home studio.  As with yoga, do what you can with what you have, right now.

tempImageForSave (4).jpg

We have some tips for creating an area that feels inviting, even if it means rolling out your mat in front of the fireplace like Teresa! Or… if you have a junk room that is simply stressin' you out, spend this weekend converting it like Sprenkel did!  

tempImageForSave (5).jpg

Tips for a Tight Space

What makes yoga so amazing is it’s portable, you can do it anywhere, a yoga studio or gym, the park or at an airport.  The fact is all you need is a yoga mat or a space equivalent to 24” x 68” (the average size of a yoga mat). At my house, I love to roll out a mat and set the stage in the living room. Here is how I set the tone...

  1. Make space. The first thing to consider is decluttering. Remove all clutter, from furniture that serves no purpose, storing toys in baskets, sorting through papers, recycling any material no longer needed and making your space a distraction free zone.

  2. Pick a place where there is a hard surface! It is important to have a flat, hard surface to place your mat.  This will prevent slipping and provides a stable surface to practice.

  3. Let the sunshine in. Fill your space with lots of natural light, open up the curtains, or blinds and let the light fill the room.

  4. Hot or cold? Be sure the temperature is optimal for practice, it is important to have the room comfortable, without needing to get up and make adjustments to the thermostat.

  5. Set the mood with a little scent. Get some lavender, whether diffused, or a lavender candle.  The scent and the softly burning candle encourages another level of relaxation.

Once you have your space ready, gather all necessary items.  The most important is the yoga mat.  I prefer to have a 3mm mat with lots of traction, to keep my postures as deep as I intend them to be, without any slipping.  If you like to use props, as much as I do, then get one blanket, two yoga blocks and a yoga strap.  

Tips for an Extra Room

Since my intention for the year is New Year, More Yoga, I wanted to convert a small side room of my house (currently collecting junk) into an inviting place for yoga and inspiration.  It’s the perfect size, just long enough for a yoga mat, and wide enough for me to move through some twists and turns.  

In the past, I have used this space as an office room but then it slowly just became a holding place for junk, and I never went into the space.  Recently, I had Ashley Daly of Retro Den come in and help spruce it up for me.  We organized shelves, threw away hundreds of books (things I’d saved from college swearing I would reference again someday - her response? “Google it, Sprenk”).  And I've already spent more time in this room since A.Daly left, than in the past year combined!

tempImageForSave (10).jpg
  1. Have a central focus, like an altar.  For me, I like to have a place to focus my energy. This can be a significant piece of art or maybe some arrangement of your favorite photos on the floor.  A quote board, or some candles on a table.  Whatever accessories you want to help you create the mood you’re going for.

  2. Inspiration - Sometimes yoga can include a simple breathing or focused meditation.  One of my biggest goals for the year is to continue to get stronger in my running and qualify for the Boston Marathon in July, so I have a wall of running accomplishments to bring my focus to every now and then.

  3. Keep it organized and simple.  This means including some white space on the walls and bookshelves.  

  4. Add life!  I recently discovered this past year how much energy plants can bring to a space.  Fill yours up with succulents, fiddle leaves, or philodendrons.  You could also have a designated vase filled with fresh flowers every week.

  5. Consider props. Do you like poses that use a strap?  Are you using blocks at StudiOne to help you maintain proper alignment?  Do you like the feel of a blanket under your hips in seated poses?  Ask us to help you find some props for your home studio!

When it comes down to it, you want the space to be inviting, filled by things that you love and that inspire you, so that you want to spend time in there.  You want to keep it simple and stress free so that you’re able to achieve the goals of your home practice - centering and calming the mind.

Something to remember (and why we keep mentioning it), anywhere you can place your yoga mat, is an optimal place for you to begin your own home yoga practice.  It doesn’t have to be a designated “only for yoga” place in your home.  If you can be present on your mat, breath, relax and let go, you are golden!

We hope this inspires you to get just a few extra flows in this weekend— oh and keep an eye out for our 20 minute flows on Facebook and Instagram!


Team Cooking: Cook Once, Eat Three Times!

Here at StudiOne, we are big advocates of home-cookin’.  Even if you are making hamburgers and fries, or some other equally indulgent meal, you are much more likely to cook a healthier version for yourself than you would order at a restaurant, simply by being in charge of your own preparation.  But we know that whipping up a dinner every night, doing the dishes and all the planning involved, can seem a little overwhelming.  In fact, just one of those factors is enough to send some of us drivin’ towards take out.  

But before you give up completely on eating a variety of tasty and healthy foods made at home, check out this idea a few of our studio members have been doing for almost half a year now-- team cooking! Just like we are advocates for home- cookin’, we are huge advocates for community.  Why not apply our community approach that we have for working out, to healthy eating?


“It feels like caring and nurturing one another, but it’s at the same time making our lives easier not to have to come up with and cook different meals on our own - two for one!”




Team Cooking

Wait, what exactly is Team Cooking?

It’s pretty simple... and in that regard, pretty genius.  At the start of each week the cooking representative of each family texts out the recipe they have chosen for the week to get approval from the others.  In this particular group, there are three families that participate.  The chef cooks up a big batch of whatever they’ve chosen and divides it three ways.  Each family has a pre-designated day of the week to contribute and the others can count on dinner for that night.  This week the group will have butternut squash soup on Monday, stuffed sweet potatoes on Tuesday and picadillo on Thursday!  Doesn’t that sound better than chicken and broccoli every night, or another day of eating out?!

Suggestions for Starting Your Own Team Cooking Group

  1. Find your team - this current group really lucked out in the sense that no family has dropped the ball on providing a meal in the whole time the group has been in existence (holidays were skipped.  And when we say families, we just mean the adults.  Although some of the kiddos have dipped into the delicious meals pot!).  So, be sure to find a group of people you trust to follow through with feeding you!  We recommend a group of 2-3 people or families for a manageable cooking load.  Maybe reach out to fellow Fit Campers, your co-workers or neighbors.

  2. Establish some ground rules -  Do you want a vegetarian meal once a week?  Do you want all the meals to be healthy or are there no rules for what’s provided?  How many servings should be included per swap?  It's a great idea to set the expectations up front, so no one is disappointed if George's mama shows up with bagged salads for the group on Monday.

  3. Choose your day wisely - Have to take George to soccer practice on Monday nights?  Work extra hours on Wednesdays?  Those probably aren’t great days to choose for your particular contribution to the group.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if your friend had your dinner ready for you at Fit Camp on Monday so you didn’t have to cook when you get home from soccer?

  4. Have fun! - Use the group as a chance to try new recipes, learn new cooking techniques, use new ingredients.  There are going to be a few flops from you, and from your teammates but there are also going to be some new killer recipes that you’ll want to make for your own family.  


“It’s a huge time saver and it helps you eat healthfully more often.”


What do you think?  Would you be willing to give this a try?  Remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves and have fun branching out in your culinary experience!

"I was surprised how much I ended up loving spending some time in the kitchen each week.  I've found new recipes, tried new ingredients and discovered a love for red curry I didn't know I had!"

Fave Recipes from the Team

Here’s a list of just a few of the recipes this group has exchanged and loved so far in their adventure:

Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry


Whole30 Zuppa Toscana


Slow Cooker Gumbo

The Circuit Series: 4 Things Every Fit Camper Needs

Welcome to our second blog installment focusing completely on circuits!  In the first one, we broke down 4 great reasons you should give circuit training (a.k.a. our Fit Camps) a try.  Did you miss it?  Catch it here!

This week we want to let you in on what exactly you'll need for these kinds of classes so you feel 100% prepared walking in to one.  BONUS: we provide a lot of it for you!  But a few things you'll see, we can't provide, no matter how much we wish we could.  If you've got the four things below, you've got what it takes to have a really successful 12 weeks of Fit Camp.

 4 things for every Fit Camper!

4 things for every Fit Camper!

Fit Camp Journal - Every Fit Camper has the option to receive a hard or digital copy of our exclusive Fit Camp Workbook.  It's packed with every workout that we do in the studio, so if you miss any days, you're not left wondering what to do.  There are goal setting pages and planning pages, as well as things to do on your days off!  We fully recognize that this journey extends beyond the three times per week you're under our watchful eyes at the studio and we give you the tools to help.  But it's up to you to use them!

Positive Attitude - You will have a much better experience (and life in general), if you approach these challenging workouts, and the entire 12 weeks with a positive "can-do" mindset.  There will be things you cannot do yet, there will be days when it feels more impossible than others.  We know that, and we designed it to be that way.  But if you approach it with an attitude of "Let's see what we've got today, self" then you'll have a great experience.

Water Bottle - Y'all know we've got a great filtered water system that tastes just like we tapped it from the Arctic.  Make sure you enjoy that gold!  Drink a glass throughout your class.  Take some to go with you in a water bottle after class.  And drink up, all day!

Yoga - One yoga class per week is included in every Fit Camp package, and if you opt for the All Access Pass, you get unlimited yoga classes!  And trust us, you're going to want those classes.  We are so happy to provide these to you as part of your program, but we can't make you use them.  But please, use them!  Your sore muscles, your rowdy mind and your soul will thank you for the time on your mat.

Is there anything else that you just can't be without for a circuit or Fit Camp workout?  Let us know!  And be sure to check back next week for our next installment on circuits.