Meet our Members: The Ball Family

We just love it when the whole family joins the fun at StudiOne!  The Ball family started with Tasha coming to our FitCamp program.  Then little Tony started coming to StorytimeYoga.  Sam has joined us on a few runs and now Aaron is all involved with FitCamp and running too!  It's been such fun to slowly get to know the whole gang, and hear how our programs have changed their lives.

 Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

What made you want to join fit camp?

A: I quit crossfit years ago and have missed it. My wife wasn't interested in trying it. When she joined StudiOne I was glad to hear it and was interested in the high intensity interval training and yoga. She suggested I join too and I thought it would be good for us to both work out in the same gym.   

T: My healthy, active pregnancy and easy birth gave way to a case of postpartum anxiety. I was feeling new aches and pains I couldn't release, and I was struggling with mood, outlook, energy levels, sleep—you name it. I wanted to be able to keep up with my two boys (Sam, 10, and Tony, almost 2) and find healthful ways to soothe my PPA symptoms. Getting back into my pre-baby closet sounded nice, too. 

What is your favorite thing about the program?

A: I love the camaraderie you can only get in group workouts. It's uplifting to finish a tough workout and everyone is giving high fives. 

T: I love the bursts of hard effort. I don't come from a strong fitness background, so the format of the program has helped me build strength and endurance that I've never had before, starting with where I needed to start (read: right smack at the beginning).

What results have you loved the most?

A: The result I enjoy most is the increased feeling of well being. You can't get that sitting on your butt.

T: The confidence boost has been thrilling, and it has carried over into every other area of my life—I even registered to run a half marathon this fall. I credit fit camp with my improved sleep and energy, and working out with the fit camp group has helped tremendously as part of my anxiety-care plan. And I love fit campers. I mean, I now take epsom salt baths (previously: ew), drink smoothies (previously: EW), and wake up almost every day at 4:45 a.m. (previously: OMG IS THE HOUSE ON FIRE BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE REASON WHY I AM PUTTING ON A BRA AT THIS HOUR). It's all because of you people, who inspire me to do crazy-yet-good-for-me things. 

How has it changed your running?

A: I feel stronger and I am more inclined to run.

T: I can run faster, for longer, and happily with other humans. A first! 

What is your main motivation for staying fit?

A: The group workouts create an environment that is a big motivation. The people in class become friends and family. It's sort of at team. Everyone has a shared goal of being better. I show up and do my best every time.

T: Right now it's about seeing what else I can accomplish. As someone who didn't really participate in sports or fitness earlier in life, every achievement is a first for me, and a doorway into new, uncharted territory. 

 Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

We also asked Tasha to speak about how this program, and the Studio has changed the dynamics of her family life.  These are the kinds of results we love the most, and hope for all of our members.

Aaron is busy these days. Since he started at StudiOne, Aaron has taken up yoga, volunteering with the food bank, obstacle-course running, and knife-making. We will celebrate our 14th anniversary this fall. We've been through our share of workout programs. None has resulted in spontaneous knife-making, until now.  Watching Aaron take on these new hobbies thrills me. It's wonderful to see him enjoy increased energy, and to have the opportunity the enjoy it with him and our two kiddos (Sam, 10, and Tony, almost 2). 

Aaron and I don't get to go to FitCamp at the same time, since our youngest needs at least one of us at home. But this way we get to compare notes about our workouts, and I get to serve up a little trash talk at class when he's not around. Aaron spent a decade in the military, so has a stronger fitness background than I do. Still, I love pushing to try to outdo him in FitCamp. On Thursday nights, I press him for details about what my workout will be the following morning. He never tells me, saying instead things like "you'll really love this one," or "it's a doozy," or "guess which move made me call Jessica horrible names." 

It has been fun to have someone to commiserate with about sore muscles, early bedtimes, our least-favorite workouts, and leafy greens for dinner when we'd rather have ice cream. It's been even more fun to have someone to laugh with about sore muscles, early bedtimes, our least-favorite workouts, and leafy greens for dinner when we'd rather have ice cream. 

That this someone now sports guns and buns by StudiOne is a nice bonus. 

Ready to join us?  You can sign up for our next round of FitCamp (September 3- November 30) here!

 Photo Credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Photo Credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim