RunGroup Testimonial: Joe Medina

One of our own, Joe Medina, ran in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon today!   Joe has trained with us since February 2018 and although it took a little convincing, he and we are so glad he joined the track workouts.  We sat down with him to pick his brain before his big run, and we can now officially share with you that he set a PR (fastest time for a race distance) today in his marathon!


 joe at the LA marathon earlier this year.

joe at the LA marathon earlier this year.

How did you hear about StudiOne Tulsa?

I knew one of the owners and had a previous relationship with her and her husband.  Teresa invited me (repeatedly, in the nicest way possible) into the studio to check out the services offered.

How did you get turned on to running?  

At first it was recreational 2-3 mile runs, then a 5k then the Tulsa Run and pretty soon I was running the Route 66 Half Marathon.  

When did you race your first marathon?

My first marathon was in 2015.  I loved the challenge, it pushed me, physically and mentally throughout my training process.

What part of the StudiOne RunGroup Training do you feel has helped elevate your performance?

Having a run coach has helped me stay accountable to reach my goals and the sprint workouts (Tuesdays at 5:30 am or pm) have helped me close out my races stronger than before.

 a strong finish in tulsa

a strong finish in tulsa

Tell me what you enjoy most about the StudiOne Community?

I enjoy the camaraderie from the small group training runs to the excitement and anticipation of race days followed by brunch.  The entire group is there to support you and celebrate the victories. The StudiOne Community is amazing!

Do you have a nutrition plan?

I eat fruits and vegetables and lean meats, I have recently cut out all red meat from my diet.   I have discovered things I like and pretty much continue to eat those foods. I enjoy cooking for myself, this way I know what I am consuming.

Do you have a cookbook/blogger/recipe that you enjoy?

I pretty much stick to a modified version of the TB12 (Tom Brady) Diet.  

What is your training/racing plan?

I check the calendar for the list of marathons, then see if it will fit into my schedule, sometimes my training plan is modified due to time constraints.  This is where having Jessica as my run coach is beneficial. She has the experience and expertise to create a training plan that works best for me so I am ready to perform at an optimal level on race day.  

What are your secrets to success?

Be prepared, have a plan and be passionate about the things you love to do.
What advice do you have for a rookie runner?  

I’d say to start slow, select a 5k, train for it, run it, then keep going, slowly move your way up in distance.  


You can join Joe and the StudiOne community for your running needs too!  We have plans and programs for all levels - 5k to marathon, beginner to racers.  We can also work around your availability and schedule to make sure you know what your workout is for the week!  Click here for more info.