Lunch Break: Pure Food + Juice

Last week, us girls traveled over to Brookside for a little working lunch.  We picked Pure Food + Juice for our spot and settled down in a booth in the back.   Pure is a plant-based restaurant and bar with an incredibly diverse menu ranging from smoothies and juices to complete entrees.  


Teresa, a plant-based eater herself, already knew she loved this place.  She ordered a smoothie acai bowl, with strawberries and the coconut family of toppings.  She got a good healthy serving of fruit, a punch of antioxidants in the acai and a dose of healthy fats from the coconut.


Sprenkel, a little bit skeptical, ordered the avocado toast.  Her meal gave her plenty of healthy fats from the avocado and a good source of carbs from the vegan bread.  Plus it was the tastiest, fluffiest avocado she's ever had on toast.  

We highly recommend checking this place out for their grab n go fridge if you need healthy in a pinch, or slowing down for a meeting over drinks and a meal.  We can't wait to come back, let us know if you want to join us!