Susan's Precision Nutrition Testimonial

Did you know we offer nutrition coaching? Well we do! And in January 2018, we launched our first group of clients on our year-long nutrition coaching program!  

With our program, it’s not about counting calories or what foods are good and bad, it’s about building good, healthy, sustainable eating habits that will carry you through your life— and allow you to have a little fun while you’re at it! Besides, knowledge is POWER, as you know… and we believe you should know what you’re putting in your body and how it can change you!

Now that it's been about four months, the results are starting to speak for themselves. So...We asked one of our first ever loyal clients, Susan, to share her thoughts and experience with the habit-based program.  

A little about Susan… We are here to tell ya, her results have been amazing and we are so excited to see her hard work paying off!  She's accessed the program through the ONE Pass— a one-year commitment to unlimited classes at the studio, plus the nutrition program. The nutrition program, on top of her exercise routine, has pushed her results to a new level.  

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Susan's Story (in her own words!)

with some additional info from us (in italics)

I have been a regular StudiOne fit camper since the first round in spring of 2016 and started what has become a fairly consistent yoga practice with them later in the fall.  I've steadily built strength and endurance over that time, but I also generally felt stagnant in my progress and stuck in unhealthy eating habits that I couldn't seem to shake. I had spent a year and half developing these fitness habits and working on them regularly, but my clothes always fit the same, if not just a little too tightly for my liking.  My measurements got bigger and my weight went up. Sure, I was getting stronger, but I wasn't really getting in shape like I expected myself to.

So when the 2018 new year FitCamp started and S1 advertised nutrition coaching to go along with it, I assumed Precision Nutrition coaching was a 12 week challenge and I thought, I can crush 12 weeks, and then I'll be good to go.  I figured the 12 weeks would compensate for a winter of poor food/drink choices and put me in good shape for summer. I didn't really have a plan for after the 12 weeks, but I wasn't sweating it, I'm pretty great with a challenge and that's all I was looking for.  

Then I found out that not only is the PN coaching a year long program, but it's also not even a challenge (instead, it's a 365 day daily habit-based program designed to hit all areas of a healthy lifestyle: eating habits, sleep rituals, beverage choices, emotional ties to food to name a few)

At first I was dismayed, as not only am I pretty time commitment-phobic, but I also have a really emotional relationship with food, and I knew that if I was going to spend a year working on my nutrition, then I really would have to let go of some decades old behaviors and make some real changes.  This was really scary for me, because food has been a lifelong comfort and coping mechanism, and I knew that I'd have to address the reasons behind how and why I eat. As someone who's struggled with eating disorders for much of my adult life, this was a really daunting prospect. But I committed to the program, because ultimately, at my core, I knew I needed a change, or I wouldn't have needed the challenge in the first place.  So I sat down at the computer for my pre-program orientation, and within minutes of learning about the program, my anxiety subsided.

 some notes from lessons.

some notes from lessons.

How has this program most impacted your approach to nutrition?

At the core of the program, PN stresses self-care through nutrition, teaching you about different kinds of foods and how those foods are processed by your body, giving you options for healthier choices.  Rather than set up an unsustainable and restrictive diet based on what you can't have, PN encourages you to just be mindful of the quality of the food you put in your body, and the quantity, too. Simultaneously, PN coaching offers practical and logical tips for incorporating your newly learned eating habits into your day to day life.  Meal prep is a difficult skill to master if you're going at it alone, no matter how good you are in the kitchen. PN coaching teaches you how to build a meal a menu, and then how to shop, emphasizing local merchants and seasonal eating, so that you're able to slowly but purposefully introduce your new habits into your life.

 a typical saturday farmer's market haul

a typical saturday farmer's market haul


Was this easy to fit into your lifestyle?

On a long day, PN coaching takes 15 minutes out of my schedule, but that's maybe once every 2 weeks.  Most of the time I sit down for 5-8 minutes, read the short lesson and complete any other coaching tasks assigned that day, hand write my own notes, tips and ideas, and I'm done for the day.  I try to do it right after breakfast, so it sets an intention for my day and I get it out of the way quickly. The brevity of the lessons means if I miss a day for unforeseen circumstances, it's easy to make it up.  And it's substantially more interesting than anything on facebook, so I try to swap time I would spend on social media for learning healthy new habits.

What results have you seen so far?

The physical benefits are pretty great.  I completed the 12 weeks of StudiOne New Year 2018 FitCamp at the end of March with dramatically different results than any other session since they opened.  I lost 19 inches of girth (I wish there was another word for that, it's such an awkward word to describe a woman's body, we do too.  Any ideas out there?), and I'm also down 19 pounds.  I felt my strength build more quickly with this last round and my recovery and soreness after tough workouts rapidly decreased in time as the weeks went on. Now I'm in Spring FitCamp, building on that same strength and I can feel and see myself get stronger and tougher and I attribute all of my growth to my new habits and just eating good food, and decreasing amounts of junk.  

How has this program changed how you look at food?

All too often I've tried various diets or styles of eating, only to quit because I want what my diet tells me I can't have or because I missed a day of eating right, so I would just give up.  That history made me so nervous about the daily emailed lessons. The Type A perfectionist in me wants to tell you I've nailed the habit down of reading the lessons every day, but that's not true (we've never had a single client stay 100% on top of daily lessons, and that's ok!).  And in the past, being a few weeks behind would have been enough for me to quit and send me right back into my anxiety ridden, food shaming, disordered eating ways.  

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However, because of the slow, incremental progress I've made with PN coaching over the last couple of months, I can tell I've made huge changes in my relationship to food. I no longer see food as comfort, but rather as a way to care for myself, I've made peace with my disordered eating habits by getting educated (we love the educational aspect of this program) and organized and I'm physically stronger and more fit than I've maybe ever been.  With the help of Sprenkel, Teresa and the rest of the StudiOne team, I've been able to walk through PN coaching, face my fears by learning how to make them my strengths, and really make giant changes in my life I never thought I'd see.  I can't wait to see how the rest of this program goes (we can't either!)!


Don’t forget, you can do a combination of our workout and nutrition program too, or just tackle the nutrition program! Either way, we’d love to have ya. Now, if this testimonial doesn’t make ya wanna hear more….