Meet Our Members: Suzanne

Teresa met Suzanne at one of our favorite brunch spots, Blue Moon.  The story goes Suzanne was sitting a table over from Teresa and it wasn't long before they were chatting away like they were sitting at the same table.  Y'all know Teresa, she's never met a stranger!  Suzanne decided right there at brunch to join our FitCamp and even though she was nervous (bringing her own lighter dumbbells for the first few classes), she's flying strong with the veterans of class now!  


What made you want to join fit camp?  When I heard the words, “transformational fit camp”, I was hooked. Meeting Teresa at Blue Moon and hearing all about StudiOne sounded great, and it was the perfect time in my life to do this.  I was really slowing down and starting to feel frail- ugh! Teresa was so excited to talk about StudiOne, Jessica, and I felt this was going to be something special, and that it could be a new beginning for me!

What is your favorite thing about the program?  My favorite things about the program are the super positive and inspirational instructors (Jessica and Teresa) and how good I feel after every workout!  I know they are committed to providing us the best workouts, and no matter how hard they are, afterwards, I always feel great, incredible, amazing - like a superwoman!!! I wouldn’t be able to push myself like this, if I were alone.  

What results have you loved the most?  My results are great! After twelve weeks I am so strong all over- my core is much better. Back, arms, legs, abs, glutes are all better. Skin tone and firmness is better.  I started out able to do zero push-ups. Now I can do 12.  My goal was 6 good push-ups.  My other goal was better core/abs.  I achieved much more than I thought I would be able to, and I can not WAIT for the next twelve weeks to start. It is a lifestyle...I just want to be strong all over and feel good about myself.  

What is your main motivation for staying fit?  My main motivation for staying fit has always been that I want to be great and strong at what I do for my age group! I want to be healthy and  run, bike, lift, do yoga, walk, whatever I can! It’s all very hard, so nutrition is really important to me. StudiOne is perfect for me, and for anyone at any level.  I love that! Remember, I couldn’t lift their weights in the beginning. They let me use my little 5lb weights until I felt stronger and able to move up.  I was afraid of hurting my weak arms!!

What do you love most about Tulsa?  I love Tulsa- grew up here! It’s beautiful with wonderful, good people. I love the river parks and hope it’s available again soon.  Downtown is fun and has so much going on. Tulsa is a perfect size!

We are so proud of you Suzanne!  You didn't let anything stand in your way, and you've come so far from the days of BYOD (bring your own dumbbells!).  We're looking forward to another round, and another round and another round with you!

Are you ready to sign up now?   Early bird special ($50 off) is good through April 8!  Sign up here: