Meet Our Members: The Cherrys

The Amanda half of the Cherrys came to us first.  She was so excited to get started, she asked if she could jump in to the second half of an already underway FitCamp.  She was not intimidated (or maybe she was, just didn't show it) by the already in it members, and just jumped right in.  The Matt half of the Cherrys joined us for the next full round and we've been enjoying their mostly cute, sometimes bantering couple-ness ever since.  Read on for their story!


Amanda's answers in bold.  Matt's answers in regular.

What made you want to join fit camp? Seeing Ashley’s before and after photos and hearing her talk about how much she loved fit camp- I was like dang girl! 

After many years of doing the same workout, the same routine, year after year I stopped seeing any results. My wife had only been going to Fit Camp for only half a session & had seen great results.  She had been pushing me to go & (as i normally do when she pushes me), I finally caved. I immediately noticed results in my stomach, my arms but mostly my legs & glutes. 

What is your favorite thing about the program? Literally everything and all of Matts answers (see free time explanation). I have to say there are a few things. The group for starters is great. Everyone comes in to not only better themselves, but they are all there to laugh & have fun as well, including our trainers. The accountability we have with each other helps a lot. And then it also helps I get to do the camp with my wife. That is the cherry on top.


What results have you loved the most? All of them. Every morning I pinch myself and I’m like I did that- I committed to the workouts and I did that! 

Oh 100% my glutes. I actually got two compliments walking around downtown on St. Paddy's day. 

How has it changed your running? My endurance has improved tremendously and I feel confident in knowing if someone were chasing me… I could outrun them.. 

I haven't run as far, or as long, since I was in college. I actually remember what a runners-high feels like. 
What is your main motivation for staying fit? My mental and physical health. 

 Besides my vanity? I just want to live a long & healthy life with my wife. I also want to look good ;)


How do you spend your free time? Well after reading Matts answers- which were pretty identical to my answers and they made me think I needed more/new hobbies, because it sounds like we are morphing into one. My free time is mostly spent with all of my favorite people and Winnie, riding bikes, going to shows, rearranging the living room, traveling, brunch, and some other stuff…

We spend most of our time together (gross, I know), but when we have free time we like to spend it with our friends, exploring the new & great things happening in Tulsa. 

What do you love about Tulsa? The architecture, downtown, sunsets, and most of the people.

The amount of growth & care that has swept over downtown! We constantly say how we wish we had a downtown like this in our 20's. But at least we still get to experience & enjoy the new & great growth happening right now. It really is amazing to watch & experience.  

Favorite book? Anything by Jenny Lawson, Brene Brown, Jenny Mollens, and Chelsea Handler. 

The Rum Diary's - Hunter S. Thompson

Favorite place you’ve visited? Any place with good company is my favorite place..

Ski towns!


It's not too late to join our next round, starting April 16 (except the 5:15am class is FULL!)  Click here to register: