7 Tips to Keep Your FitCamp Momentum Rolling

So you’ve made it halfway through FitCamp - that’s amazing!  For some of you that may be a longer commitment to fitness than any in recent years, and for others it may seem like old hat.  Either way, it’s challenging. We have a few tips for staying motivated through the second half of this program!

 Revisit your progress, check your goals and make appointments to work out - all your journal!

Revisit your progress, check your goals and make appointments to work out - all your journal!

  1. Check in with your Journal - Look back on those early workouts to see how far you’ve come!  Remember the first time we brought you man makers?  We know you still hate em, but they’re not as hard as they used to be!

  2. Grab Heavier Weights - If you’re not 100% satisfied with your progress, have an honest chat with yourself (or one of us!) about if you’re challenging yourself enough.  None of you should still be on the same weights for arms or legs that you started this program with.  Going heavier will help speed up some more results, and add another element of challenge to the class!

  3. Use Your Bonus Class - We include these for a reason (and not just because we’re the sweetest trainers in Tulsa).  Yoga and/or running are beautiful compliments to this strength training you’re doing.  Give them a shot once a week to keep things spicy.

  4. Keep Showing Up - Shift the focus from specific results to making it to class and doing the circuits.  We want to shift from results-based thinking to action-based acting.  Rather than trying to force, or expecting to see particular results day after day, just keep showing up, using heavier weights and working as hard as you can - we promise it works!

  5. Schedule Workouts -- Schedule your workout as a business meeting with yourself! Write them down in your journal and add them to your calendar.  Making exercise part of your daily routine will help you stay on track-- even on those days with no fitcamp, schedule the time and use it to do yoga, take the dog on a walk, hike, bike, garden or even just be outside.

  6. Remember Your Goals -- Make it a game to about accomplishing that task. Make it fun and a challenge. Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound. If you need help setting goals, or feel like you aren’t making progress towards the ones you’ve already set, let us know! That’s what we are here for, after all.  

  7. Use the StudiOne Community/ family /friends to keep you accountable -- There is no better way to show up for your commitment than to include your friends in your journey.  Luckily, at StudiOne, you have a built in community of people who are going through the same fitness journey as you are! Use social media to get inspired, state your goals, or rely on the StudiOne Squad! You will receive so much love and support, and accountability.  Plus, your friends and fam want only what is best for you, no need to go at this alone!

 Use your bonus class!  Better yet, invite a friend to join you!

Use your bonus class!  Better yet, invite a friend to join you!

We hope these tips motivate you to keep showing up, challenging yourself and grow into a stronger you! We are so happy you chose StudiOne and can’t wait to see ya throughout the last half of the program!