New Year, More You!

New Year, More You

Our motto for new year’s resolutions: New Year, More You. At StudiOne, we don’t want to change you, we love you the way you are— we just want to help you grow, challenge yourself and be more of who you want to be: more you!  

We know this is a popular time for resolutions and resetting and we love the reflection that comes at the start of a new trip around the sun.  We’ve already listed out what we’re leaving behind in 2017  and now in 2018 we’re asking for more in the space created by this exercise.  We believe if you really want something, not only do you have to take actions to go get it, but first you must be brave enough to declare that you want it.  Then, go make it happen!



MEDITATION: This year, I will find more time for meditation.  

I began this practice three and a half years ago at yoga training.  Since then, I have been working toward a more intentional practice, trying to make it a habit.  I began scheduling twenty minutes each day for meditation. During the week, I am able to keep up with my practice, yet on the weekends I fail miserably.  This year my plan is to write it in my planner, schedule it on my calendar and create a physical space in my home, strictly for yoga and meditation.  I am hoping that, by setting aside a scheduled time each day, it will help me mentally prepare my body, mind and spirit for meditation.

MILES: I’m looking to add more miles.

I would like to increase the number of miles to average 10-14 miles a week.  I’m going to race one 5K per month and my first half marathon.  My first 5K in Oklahoma was the Sweetheart Run last year.  I was not in shape, didn’t commit to getting race ready, and therefore did not enjoy any aspect of the race.  Since then, I’ve been showing up to run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  The training and distances are getting easier and my stamina is stronger.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much growth I have this year after being mindful of adding more miles and races to my schedule.




YOGA: In the last few months, my personal yoga practice has fallen to the side.  

I am going to commit to taking more classes at the studio and spend time each week diving deeper into my teaching practice— exploring yoga philosophy and teaching techniques.  I don’t love yoga as much as I love running or jumping around in circuit classes but maybe that’s because I need to spend more time with it.  I’m going to start out with two classes at the studio per week, and slowly work on an at home practice with a shorter time commitment since that’s where I feel the burden lies.  Some yoga is better than no yoga!


SPACE: I want more space!  

Space to breathe, space to think and space to move.  My primary focus for creating this space is in my home. I’m in the midst of several decluttering/minimizing efforts throughout my house.  I only want to have what is the best and necessary possessions left.  This will help me keep a tidier home more easily and that will help me relax!  I also want to be mindful of having margins of space in my schedule.  Breathing room between classes, time to grab a coffee with a friend last minute, room to grab a few extra miles if I want.  I’ll be focusing more on what I can say “no” to or eliminate from commitments, so that I can say more “yes” to the things that bring me joy!




CHOICES: We want 2018 to be a year of more choices for you at our studio!

 Whether you’re looking for more flexibility through yoga, strength through Fit Camps, miles through running groups or support through nutrition coaching.  We’re adding to all of those areas this year, staying committed to our original mission of being the one studio in Tulsa where you can get all aspects of wellness!  New class times, new membership options including the one we’re the most proud of - The One Membership.  Access to all classes, all the time for one monthly fee.  We hope you’ll join us this year for more of what you want!

NUTRITION: So far, the studio has focused on exercising our bodies to achieve our goals.

Now, we want to talk about how we nourish our bodies to achieve our goals. We are so excited to announce, in the spirit of holistic health and fitness at StudiOne, we will be adding nutrition guidance to our portfolio this year.  More details to come, but we are so excited to bring this to you in the next few weeks. We will be expanding on this offering soon, so check back for details. If you’re interested, let us know!