Breathe. Relax. Let home! Tips for Creating a Home Yoga Space

Y’all know we just love having you in our space at the studio to practice yoga with us.  We have worked hard to create an inviting, magical and inspirational studio for you-- from the big-curtained windows to the twinkly lights above your heads.  While we love hosting you, we have been be so tickled to hear that some of you are creating space to practice in your own homes!  

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This seriously warms our hearts so much! We love to hear about your healthy lives outside of StudiOne. So, we wanted to put together a few tips for having a great yoga space in your home to use on those days you can’t make it in to see us.  

Your space can be created anywhere that you have room to roll out a yoga mat.  Don't let not having a separate room keep you from enjoying a little downward dog at home!  On the same note, if you've got a spare room, don't hesitate to turn it into a little dreamy home studio.  As with yoga, do what you can with what you have, right now.

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We have some tips for creating an area that feels inviting, even if it means rolling out your mat in front of the fireplace like Teresa! Or… if you have a junk room that is simply stressin' you out, spend this weekend converting it like Sprenkel did!  

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Tips for a Tight Space

What makes yoga so amazing is it’s portable, you can do it anywhere, a yoga studio or gym, the park or at an airport.  The fact is all you need is a yoga mat or a space equivalent to 24” x 68” (the average size of a yoga mat). At my house, I love to roll out a mat and set the stage in the living room. Here is how I set the tone...

  1. Make space. The first thing to consider is decluttering. Remove all clutter, from furniture that serves no purpose, storing toys in baskets, sorting through papers, recycling any material no longer needed and making your space a distraction free zone.

  2. Pick a place where there is a hard surface! It is important to have a flat, hard surface to place your mat.  This will prevent slipping and provides a stable surface to practice.

  3. Let the sunshine in. Fill your space with lots of natural light, open up the curtains, or blinds and let the light fill the room.

  4. Hot or cold? Be sure the temperature is optimal for practice, it is important to have the room comfortable, without needing to get up and make adjustments to the thermostat.

  5. Set the mood with a little scent. Get some lavender, whether diffused, or a lavender candle.  The scent and the softly burning candle encourages another level of relaxation.

Once you have your space ready, gather all necessary items.  The most important is the yoga mat.  I prefer to have a 3mm mat with lots of traction, to keep my postures as deep as I intend them to be, without any slipping.  If you like to use props, as much as I do, then get one blanket, two yoga blocks and a yoga strap.  

Tips for an Extra Room

Since my intention for the year is New Year, More Yoga, I wanted to convert a small side room of my house (currently collecting junk) into an inviting place for yoga and inspiration.  It’s the perfect size, just long enough for a yoga mat, and wide enough for me to move through some twists and turns.  

In the past, I have used this space as an office room but then it slowly just became a holding place for junk, and I never went into the space.  Recently, I had Ashley Daly of Retro Den come in and help spruce it up for me.  We organized shelves, threw away hundreds of books (things I’d saved from college swearing I would reference again someday - her response? “Google it, Sprenk”).  And I've already spent more time in this room since A.Daly left, than in the past year combined!

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  1. Have a central focus, like an altar.  For me, I like to have a place to focus my energy. This can be a significant piece of art or maybe some arrangement of your favorite photos on the floor.  A quote board, or some candles on a table.  Whatever accessories you want to help you create the mood you’re going for.

  2. Inspiration - Sometimes yoga can include a simple breathing or focused meditation.  One of my biggest goals for the year is to continue to get stronger in my running and qualify for the Boston Marathon in July, so I have a wall of running accomplishments to bring my focus to every now and then.

  3. Keep it organized and simple.  This means including some white space on the walls and bookshelves.  

  4. Add life!  I recently discovered this past year how much energy plants can bring to a space.  Fill yours up with succulents, fiddle leaves, or philodendrons.  You could also have a designated vase filled with fresh flowers every week.

  5. Consider props. Do you like poses that use a strap?  Are you using blocks at StudiOne to help you maintain proper alignment?  Do you like the feel of a blanket under your hips in seated poses?  Ask us to help you find some props for your home studio!

When it comes down to it, you want the space to be inviting, filled by things that you love and that inspire you, so that you want to spend time in there.  You want to keep it simple and stress free so that you’re able to achieve the goals of your home practice - centering and calming the mind.

Something to remember (and why we keep mentioning it), anywhere you can place your yoga mat, is an optimal place for you to begin your own home yoga practice.  It doesn’t have to be a designated “only for yoga” place in your home.  If you can be present on your mat, breath, relax and let go, you are golden!

We hope this inspires you to get just a few extra flows in this weekend— oh and keep an eye out for our 20 minute flows on Facebook and Instagram!