Team Cooking: Cook Once, Eat Three Times!

Here at StudiOne, we are big advocates of home-cookin’.  Even if you are making hamburgers and fries, or some other equally indulgent meal, you are much more likely to cook a healthier version for yourself than you would order at a restaurant, simply by being in charge of your own preparation.  But we know that whipping up a dinner every night, doing the dishes and all the planning involved, can seem a little overwhelming.  In fact, just one of those factors is enough to send some of us drivin’ towards take out.  

But before you give up completely on eating a variety of tasty and healthy foods made at home, check out this idea a few of our studio members have been doing for almost half a year now-- team cooking! Just like we are advocates for home- cookin’, we are huge advocates for community.  Why not apply our community approach that we have for working out, to healthy eating?


“It feels like caring and nurturing one another, but it’s at the same time making our lives easier not to have to come up with and cook different meals on our own - two for one!”




Team Cooking

Wait, what exactly is Team Cooking?

It’s pretty simple... and in that regard, pretty genius.  At the start of each week the cooking representative of each family texts out the recipe they have chosen for the week to get approval from the others.  In this particular group, there are three families that participate.  The chef cooks up a big batch of whatever they’ve chosen and divides it three ways.  Each family has a pre-designated day of the week to contribute and the others can count on dinner for that night.  This week the group will have butternut squash soup on Monday, stuffed sweet potatoes on Tuesday and picadillo on Thursday!  Doesn’t that sound better than chicken and broccoli every night, or another day of eating out?!

Suggestions for Starting Your Own Team Cooking Group

  1. Find your team - this current group really lucked out in the sense that no family has dropped the ball on providing a meal in the whole time the group has been in existence (holidays were skipped.  And when we say families, we just mean the adults.  Although some of the kiddos have dipped into the delicious meals pot!).  So, be sure to find a group of people you trust to follow through with feeding you!  We recommend a group of 2-3 people or families for a manageable cooking load.  Maybe reach out to fellow Fit Campers, your co-workers or neighbors.

  2. Establish some ground rules -  Do you want a vegetarian meal once a week?  Do you want all the meals to be healthy or are there no rules for what’s provided?  How many servings should be included per swap?  It's a great idea to set the expectations up front, so no one is disappointed if George's mama shows up with bagged salads for the group on Monday.

  3. Choose your day wisely - Have to take George to soccer practice on Monday nights?  Work extra hours on Wednesdays?  Those probably aren’t great days to choose for your particular contribution to the group.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if your friend had your dinner ready for you at Fit Camp on Monday so you didn’t have to cook when you get home from soccer?

  4. Have fun! - Use the group as a chance to try new recipes, learn new cooking techniques, use new ingredients.  There are going to be a few flops from you, and from your teammates but there are also going to be some new killer recipes that you’ll want to make for your own family.  


“It’s a huge time saver and it helps you eat healthfully more often.”


What do you think?  Would you be willing to give this a try?  Remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves and have fun branching out in your culinary experience!

"I was surprised how much I ended up loving spending some time in the kitchen each week.  I've found new recipes, tried new ingredients and discovered a love for red curry I didn't know I had!"

Fave Recipes from the Team

Here’s a list of just a few of the recipes this group has exchanged and loved so far in their adventure:

Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry


Whole30 Zuppa Toscana


Slow Cooker Gumbo