The Circuit Series: 4 Things Every Fit Camper Needs

Welcome to our second blog installment focusing completely on circuits!  In the first one, we broke down 4 great reasons you should give circuit training (a.k.a. our Fit Camps) a try.  Did you miss it?  Catch it here!

This week we want to let you in on what exactly you'll need for these kinds of classes so you feel 100% prepared walking in to one.  BONUS: we provide a lot of it for you!  But a few things you'll see, we can't provide, no matter how much we wish we could.  If you've got the four things below, you've got what it takes to have a really successful 12 weeks of Fit Camp.

 4 things for every Fit Camper!

4 things for every Fit Camper!

Fit Camp Journal - Every Fit Camper has the option to receive a hard or digital copy of our exclusive Fit Camp Workbook.  It's packed with every workout that we do in the studio, so if you miss any days, you're not left wondering what to do.  There are goal setting pages and planning pages, as well as things to do on your days off!  We fully recognize that this journey extends beyond the three times per week you're under our watchful eyes at the studio and we give you the tools to help.  But it's up to you to use them!

Positive Attitude - You will have a much better experience (and life in general), if you approach these challenging workouts, and the entire 12 weeks with a positive "can-do" mindset.  There will be things you cannot do yet, there will be days when it feels more impossible than others.  We know that, and we designed it to be that way.  But if you approach it with an attitude of "Let's see what we've got today, self" then you'll have a great experience.

Water Bottle - Y'all know we've got a great filtered water system that tastes just like we tapped it from the Arctic.  Make sure you enjoy that gold!  Drink a glass throughout your class.  Take some to go with you in a water bottle after class.  And drink up, all day!

Yoga - One yoga class per week is included in every Fit Camp package, and if you opt for the All Access Pass, you get unlimited yoga classes!  And trust us, you're going to want those classes.  We are so happy to provide these to you as part of your program, but we can't make you use them.  But please, use them!  Your sore muscles, your rowdy mind and your soul will thank you for the time on your mat.

Is there anything else that you just can't be without for a circuit or Fit Camp workout?  Let us know!  And be sure to check back next week for our next installment on circuits.