Mark Your Calendars: Spring Races

Well y'all, our Spring Running Groups are up and runnin' as of last night, and we're participating in our first race of 2018 tomorrow morning!  We're looking forward to a fun spring filled with warmer temperatures, plenty of miles and a few races thrown in for fun.  If you'd like to join us, our running groups are Tues/Th at 5:30 AM and PM plus a Saturday Group Run at 7am.  You'll learn about different kinds of running workouts, drills, stretches and accessory exercises to keep you in tip-top shape.  

 Our favorite running journal : The Believe Training Journal

Our favorite running journal : The Believe Training Journal

For most people (certainly there are those rare few who run just to run, we don't know any ;) ), races, bibs, post-race brunch and medals make all those training miles worth it.  Most will be local, in Tulsa, but we've got a few regional races planned this year too!  Check out our Spring Race calendar and see if there are any you'd like to join us for!

February 17 - Sweetheart Run: 5k/10k/Both

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day Run: 5k only

April 7 - Aquarium Run: 5k/10k/Half

April 21 - Garmin Wizard of Oz Run: 10k

April 29 - Oklahoma City Memorial: Half

If you're unsure which race would be best for you, we'll schedule a meeting with one of our coaches to find an absolutely perfect fit!  Bring it on 2018!