The Circuit Series: 4 Reasons to Give it a Whirl

What is circuit training?

Y'all.. This week marks the start of our SEVENTH FitCamp session at StudiOne.  Can you believe it?!  You watch us anxiously anticipate the workouts.  You see the weights when you reach for a yoga mat.  Maybe you just signed up for your first FitCamp session and want to learn more about the philosophy.

But, mostly you hear us talk about those super tough circuits.  We say “this circuit was tough today” or “ look out for these moves in your circuits this week” but what the heck are we talking about?    


Our 12-week FitCamp program is founded on a specific type of workout called HIIT circuit training.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training (what we won best studio in Tulsa for via StudioHop!) and the circuits are the structure of the workouts.  Basically, they’re just a way to organize specific exercise moves into categories (a.k.a. circuits).  Nothin’ fancier than that.  

Each circuit has a combination of cardio, strength and core moves that are repeated for a set amount of time.  This particular style of training is extremely effective and efficient, which is why we’ve chosen it for the format of this program.  If you’re still haven’t dropped by for your free drop in class, here are 4 good reasons to give it a try:

4 Good Reasons to Give it a Whirl

  1. Improved Sports Performance - By adding strength moves into you workout routine through circuits, the muscles you use for your particular sport (running, biking, tennis, swimming) are strengthened and you will see decreases in your times and increases in your speed.

  2. Higher Resting Metabolism - Strength building moves contribute to increases in muscle in your body, and muscle takes more energy to maintain. So by simply having muscles there, your body has to work harder.  This brings your metabolism up so you burn more calories when you’re just livin’ your life.

  3. Healthier Bone Density - Resistance training and impact moves (like jumping) have been shown to help your bones stimulate their bone building cells.  This has the effect of either increasing or maintaining your body’s bone density.  Especially important for females and individuals over 40.

  4. Endless Variety - Since you’ve got a few small groupings or circuits to fill with exercises, you can put a lot of variety into your workouts.  You’ve got muscle building moves like pushups, high intensity cardio moves like jump squats (always modifiable to be low impact), and core moves like planks all rolled into one workout.  You move quickly from one move to the next so you don’t get bored!

Basically, FitCamp does a whole lot more for you than helping you tone up. It helps you build an all around healthier lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing ya at StudiOne again soon!