Fit Fridays: Full Body Rollups

Happy Friday Friends!  We've got a move for you today that is slow and controlled to target the core muscles of your body: the full body rollup.  It's a little bit like a sit up but requires more control and intention.  It's a great functional move because we have to get up from a flat-on-our-backs position out of bed every morning and a strong core will help with that.

 Keep a tall spine at the top

Keep a tall spine at the top

How to do a Full Body Rollup:

  1. Start flat on your back on the ground, but don't get too comfortable here, the work is about to begin!
  2. Raise your arms so your hands are reaching up to the sky, right over your shoulders.
  3. Begin to slowly lift your body up from the ground, beginning at your shoulders.  Imagine someone pulling you at your hands and you peel up slowly off the ground.
  4. Keep lifting until you are directly upright.  If you like, and can maintain a straight spine, reach for the toes.  
  5. Tuck the belly in as you slowly roll back down to a flat back.
  6. If you need to, ask a friend to hold your feet down or tuck them under a couch for leverage.

How to make Full Body Rollups Harder

Once you've mastered the rollup using your arms and with your legs out flat on the ground, there are two modifications you can make to up the difficulty of the move.  You can either criss cross the legs to take away some leverage from your situp OR you can criss cross the arms to put more control into your core.  And then eventually you can combine both!