Yoga Pose of the Week: Basic Warrior Flow

Hi friends!  The past couple of weeks we've been breaking down individual yoga poses for you.  Today, and every couple of weeks, we will build a short flow from the ones we've reviewed to help you practice anywhere you are!  

This week we will start with a basic flow that includes downward facing dog and some lunge variations.  Grab a space and try it!

  1. Begin in Mountain Pose.
  2. Inhale your arms up overhead and exhale your hands to your chest.
  3. Inhale your arms over your head and exhale, diving down into forward fold.
  4. Inhale halfway lift, exhale fold.
  5. Plant your hands as you step the right foot back to tall plank, followed by the left.
  6. Inhale, hold plank strong, exhale lower yourself all the way down to the mat.
  7. Inhale lift your chest to cobra.  Exhale fold to the mat.
  8. Inhale press to your knees then your toes in downward facing dog.  Exhale.
  9. Inhale lift your right foot up.
  10. Exhale, step the foot between the hands.
  11. Inhale raise up - crescent lunge or Warrior 1 (depends on your back foot!)
  12. Inhale hold, exhale twist open to Warrior 2.  Hold for 3 breaths.
  13. Exhale, cartwheel your hands back down to the mat.
  14. Plant your hands, step the right foot back to tall plank.
  15. Begin on step 6 and repeat the steps to the left side.

We hope you enjoy this little sequence, and this series on the blog.  Please comment if there is anything we can do to further enhance your practice or make it more accessible - see you in the studio!