Fit Fridays: Squats

Happy Friday friends!  Today we'll break down a very basic and functional move for the lower body: the squat.  Squats are so useful in everyday life for sitting and standing, getting in and out of a car and lifting objects.

Squats target the entire lower body, and when done correctly, can really activate the core muscles as well.  There are hundreds of ways to add variety and change to the squat but today we will cover the most basic of these options. 

Give it a try:

1. Begin in a base stance, with your feet about hip width apart.  If you're using added weight, just hold them at your sides.

2. Start to sit your hips back, keeping your chest high, as if you were going to sit back in a chair.  Go down as low as you can while maintaining a lifted chest.

3.  Press firmly into the feet to push yourself back to the top of the pose.  Be sure to exhale on the way up and squeeze those glutes together at the top!

Try a quick set at your desk - if you don't have any extra weight, see how many you can do in one minute!