Fit Fridays: Plank Rows

Hello friends!  Today we are highlighting a challenging but so effective strength training move: the plank rows.  If you're part of Fit Camp, you know that Sprenkel hates this move the most of all.  Yes, even more than burpees.  But, she still powers through because they work.

Plank rows target the upper back muscles or rhomboids (both major and minor) just like regular rows.  By performing them in the plank position, you instantly add a core and cardio component to the move, making it the evil stepsister move to traditional rows.  

 Plank Rows

Plank Rows

Here's how to practice:

1. From your hands and knees, press up to a tall plank position.  Your feet can be a little bit wider than your hips at the back of your space for some stability.  Start with your hands underneath your shoulders.  Without weights, alternate bringing one hand up to the shoulder, mimicking the movement of a row with no weights.

2. Practice shifting to rowing the opposite arm without any weights first, so you can focus on keeping your hips stable in the middle.  You don't want your hips to open up to face the side or to shift side to side across space.  Find your core strength to keep them stable.

3.  Once you feel comfortable weightless, you can add a dumbbell under each hand.  Using the same motions and focus of the weightless move, row the weight up towards your shoulder - squeezing the shoulder blade in toward the spine.

As much as she complains about these, if there was only one move for arms Sprenkel was allowed to do for the rest of her this would be it.  Give it a try and let us know how it goes!