Yoga Pose of the Week: Warrior 2

Hello yogis.  This week's posture is Warrior II; Virabhadrasana II.  This posture targets the legs, shoulders, thorax, abs and groin.

How to get into a Warrior II:

1.  Begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

2. Inhale and fill up with air, then on your exhale gaze down to the mat and step your right foot back, about 3 1/2 feet(adjust your stance accordingly - longer for more work, shorter for less).

3. Inhale your arms up overhead, then exhale them parallel to the floor, palms facing down., keep your hands active.  As  your arms come down, open your hips to face the right and pivot on the right foot so it is parallel to the back of your mat.

4.  Gaze down to check your alignment, front knee is over your ankle, or behind.  If it is in front then widen your stance.  Be sure that your front knee is tracking toward your big toe and and second toe of the front foot.  Sink into the pose.

5.  Shoulders stack over your hips, chest is open, hands are active (reaching in opposite directions).  Press firmly into both feet and you send the front foot through the top of your yoga mat and the back foot (press firmly and through the pinky toe) through the back of your yoga mat, using the opposing force to stabilize you.

6. Gaze over the front fingertips, soften through your face, neck and allow the shoulders to settle.

7.  Hold this pose for 3-5 breath cycles, then step your back foot up to meet your front foot, inhale your arms overhead and exhale your hands to heart center.

8. Repeat steps 1-6 for the opposite side. 


Let us know how your practicing is going, and be sure to check back next Monday when we string the last few poses together into one flow!