A Thank You Letter

We talk a lot about gratitude in our classes at StudiOne and it's time that we let y'all know what we are especially thankful for in this past first year of business.  You maybe didn't know when you joined us that we were a little unsure of what exactly we were doing.  Permits, licenses, leases, etc. were all just hoops to jump through to create the studio that would house our community and be our vessel to teach (which we do know how to do).  We could not have survived this past year alone or created what the Studio has become today without you, and for that, we thank you.

Thank you members, for believing in us enough to put your hard-earned money into our hands.  That is a compliment and a trust we don't take lightly.  Because of your loyalty we've been able to add more classes, increase our equipment offerings, and keep our doors open.  Thank you for your sweat and effort in our classes (with minimal complaining) whether it's one extra rep with the bigger dumbbells or the effort of letting go in savasana.  For your early mornings and lunch breaks.  For hanging around after classes to tell us about your day, your families, and your vacations .  We love knowing you, supporting you and watching you grow!

Thank you instructors, for taking such good care of our members.  You each have an incredible and unique style that allows our studio to have an excellent variety of classes and personalities to offer to our members.  We are proud to let everyone know that we have only ever received the highest praise from students about each of you.  

Thank you family, for supporting us on this journey even as it's meant a little more stress and distraction from you.  We love having you in our classes, and backing us up emotionally at home.  You've stepped up big in support, advice and encouragement.

Thank you friends, for coming to classes when you can, buying merchandise from afar and sending your love on opening days and birthdays.  We feel your support and are grateful to have it!

Thank you business family, for leading the way and showing support through donations, collaborations and a constant open-invitation for sharing entrepreneur-advice.  You are like our big brothers and sisters in the small-business world and when we grow up, we want to be just like you.

Thank you Tulsa, for providing us such a rich community to serve.  We can feel the buzz around downtown and the growth happening all over the city.  We are excited for the years to come and hope to only see this golden city shine brighter as we go.


Very sincerely,