Meet our Members: Candace

Candace has been with us since the very first day! She signed up for our introductory annual membership without ever having met us or taken a class.  She knew she was ready for a change, and started by coming to our yoga classes in the evenings.  

"I always wanted to do yoga and when you opened in my building- it was fate. I had no more excuses and simply jumped in feet first. I was originally uninterested in anything "fitness" because I was still a cigarette smoker and didn't think I would ever have the stamina, lung capacity, or desire to do anything involving high activity. But after help with quitting smoking and gaining general tips for better health, I decided again to jump in feet first to Fit Camp after having my second baby."

What made you want to join fit camp?- I wanted to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy, and to build muscle to carry heavy items.

What is your favorite thing about the program?- My favorite thing is the ability of the coaches to modify for my personal needs day-to-day but still feel challenged by them.

What results have you loved the most?- I love that I actually have muscles for the first time in my life!

What is your main motivation for staying fit?-My family's healthy and most importantly, my own and keeping myself strong to battle this disease.  (Candace fights a disease called hidradenitis suppurtiva, HS.  She has not once let it slow her down in class!)



How do you spend your free time?- With my family!  We enjoy family walks, nature hikes and anything that keeps the four of us together and active.  

What do you love about Tulsa?- I love that Tulsa is big enough to be on the map, but not too big.  Tulsa is personal, friendly and continues to grow with new opportunities for adventures or trying something new.

Favorite book?- "Haunted" by my favorite writer, Chuck Palahniuk who is most famous for "Fight Club".

Favorite place you've visited?- Rocky Mountain National Park.  I believe my soul lives there (ours too!)

We are so proud of your hard work over the past year Candace, and grateful for your unconditional support from the beginning!   We remember the very first few days of Fit Camp when modified pushups were hard for you, and box jumps were an impossibility.  Now, you wouldn't believe how strong you look (and are) in class and in your life as a mom to two wonderful daughters.  We look forward to your continued growth and transformation.

Our next round of Fit Camp starts January 8.  It is a 12 week program focused on strength training circuits.  We will offer 5:15am, 7am, 9am, 12:30, 4:45 and 6:35 pm classes.  Contact for more information!