Meet our Members: Katie

Katie is about to complete her second round of Fit Camp and has recently also joined the running group at the Studio!  She's a busy mom to daughter Eleanor (2) and co-owner of a local floral and event planning business called Ever Something.  Katie could make every excuse in the world about not having enough time or energy (like the rest of us) but she shows up and gets it done.  Read her story below!

StudiOne has honestly been such an amazing place to fall in love with running and working out again. I was in a slump after having my little girl; time and motivation just weren’t there. But Sprenk kept encouraging me to do Fit Camp and get back into running and I’m so thankful that she did! The community, variety of workouts and way I feel after leaving a class has been invaluable!
— Katie

What made you want to join Fit Camp? I was ready to get back into better shape after having my little girl and the accountability of Fit Camp was what I needed. If I was left to do it on my own time I could easily make excuses not to do it but the community aspect of Fit Camp kept me coming back. 

What is your favorite thing about the program? I love how I can both see and feel the results of the hard work! It has also been really rewarding to do the series with other like-minded people and encourage one another. 


What results have you loved the most? Seeing more definition in my arms, back and legs has been my favorite physical aspect. All of the reps and increased weight has been worth it!

What is your main motivation for sticking with it? My main motivation has shifted from a selfish aspect to a desire to show my little girl that staying active and fit is so important. It is my hope that she can realize that working out is fun and enjoyable, not a punishment. 

What do you love to do in your free time?  When I'm not working or working out, I spend down time with my husband and little girl around town. We love going to the library, the zoo, and hanging out at Foolish Things. Eleanor loves being outside so we are out and about as much as we can be!


What do you love about Tulsa? I love the small town feel in a larger city; and the people are just amazing and so kind. Tulsa also encourages and supports small business. Both my husband and I own our own businesses and Tulsa has been such a great place to be an entrepreneur. 

Favorite book? Currently, The Nix by Nathan Hill 

Favorite place you've been? Naples, Italy - The food, people, and culture were amazing. We can't wait to go back to Italy and take Eleanor with us!



We are so proud of you Katie!  You are an amazing mom and dedicated business woman.  You set a great example of a healthy balance for us and the other members of your class.  We're so glad to have you!