Meet our Members: Roxane

Roxane first joined us regularly in our after work yoga classes.  She is about to complete her second round of our signature Fit Camp so we wanted to share a little bit more about her so you can see what kinds of people come to our classes (all kinds!).

What made you want to join fit camp?

I work in the Park Centre building and walk by StudiOne every morning and evening when going to and leaving from work. I have always enjoyed fitness and practicing a healthy lifestyle; however, as a young, busy professional I was really struggling with maintaining a consistent workout routine. At that time, I basically did not have consistent or routine workouts at all. I had never tried yoga before, but I would see all of these happy people coming to and leaving from StudiOne while I was coming to or leaving from work. I thought I want to be one of those happy people leaving the studio! So, I signed up for a yoga flow class at 5:30 and I loved it! I began attending yoga classes more frequently and could immediately see the benefits. My back and joints felt amazing and I left yoga feeling energized. While I am a new yogi :-), I've always enjoyed lifting weights. I missed lifting weights and challenging myself. I had recruited one of my girlfriends (Katie) to start doing yoga with me and she signed up for a fit camp and really enjoyed it. She encouraged me to join fit camp and I was ready for consistent strength training, so I joined my first camp and loved it too!

What is your favorite thing about the program?
It is really hard to find one favorite! I love that fit camp keeps me accountable. This is now my second fit camp and I can say that I actually have a consistent fitness routine in my life now even while having a busy work schedule. When I miss a class for work, I always feels motivated to make my class up on my own time or at the studio. I love that fit camp challenges me and I don't get bored with working out. Each class provides a new opportunity to push myself and each class is different. My body and my mind never get bored with fit camp. I love that I leave every class sweaty. When I leave a workout sweaty, I feel like I pushed myself and made my body work. I la-la-love the atmosphere and people that fit camp brings to the table. My job is always serious and often stressful. I love that fit camp is always positive and encouraging. I have never felt self conscious at fit camp. The instructors and other fit campers are truly nice and positive people. I walk out of fit camp in an amazing head space every day. When I leave each class, I feel good about the fact that I have accomplished a good workout, I feel encouraged by the instructors and other fit campers, and I feel like I can take on the world! 

What results have you loved the most? 

I am starting to see muscle gain and definition. #gainz I am real excited about the fact that I now have some baby biceps when I flex! I can definitely see changes in my body, but my favorite result from fit camp has been the way it makes me feel. Fit camp makes me feel positive, uplifted, and empowered.

What is your main motivation for staying fit?

My main motivation for staying fit is to take care of and love my body. 


How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my husband, family, friends, and loved ones. I love to help plan parties for family and friends, I enjoy good conversation with family and friends over a good meal, and I like to go to special events and concerts with family and friends. I have been in the Air National Guard for 11 years this December, so I also spend a good amount of my weekends and free time serving in the Air National Guard. My husband and I both have agriculture backgrounds and are involved with several agriculture associations. We also spend our free time working on our family ranches and businesses. 


What do you love about Tulsa?

I love the people in Tulsa. People here are so friendly, open, and creative. 


Favorite book?

A Tale of Two Cities

Favorite place you’ve visited?



Roxane, we are so proud of your commitment to yourself and this program despite all of the other activities that fill your life!  We are so thankful to have your positive and hardworking attitude in class and look forward to many mornings with you and hope you have many more mornings of leaving the studio as one of those happy people.