Tulsa Run Race Week Need-to-Knows

It's upon us.  The 40th annual Tulsa Run is this weekend!  There's not much left to do but get one more run in, pick up your packets and get some rest.  We've compiled all the critical information for this weekend's race in one spot, and threw in a couple of race tips for good measure.  We hope to see you out there!  We will be open at 7:15 am on race morning!  Come in for coffee, water, stretching and a pep talk before the race or for the 9am yoga class after the 5k.

Tulsa Run Packet Pickup

There are two days available for you to pick up your race packet.  This includes your bib and some other goodies, as well as a chance to browse the expo for various running accessories, snacks and services.  It's located downtown at the Cox Business Center.  You can stop in Thursday night from 4-8pm or Friday from 9am - 7pm.  This usually goes pretty quickly (depending on your leisurely-ness around browsing the booths) but maybe plan for at least 3o minutes.  There is street parking around the business center, or you can park in their garage for a fee.


Race Day Schedule of Events

7:40AM – 5K Wheelchair Start Time
7:50AM – 5K Start Time

8:00AM – Finish Line Fest Opens
8:30AM – 2K Start Time
8:30AM – 5K Overall Winners Announced
8:50AM – USATF Masters Start Time
8:55AM – 15K Wheelchair Start Time

9:00AM – School Program Winners Announced
9:00AM – 15K Start Time
10:10AM – 15K Open Award Announcements
10:30AM – Beneficiary Check Presentation
11:30AM – USATF Masters Award Announcements
12:00PM – Conclusion of Tulsa Run; Street Closures Reopen

The Tulsa Run course will close at Noon. Gear check will close at 1 p.m.

The start line and finish line are the same for all events.  The start line is located on Boulder, near the OneOK offices and the finish line is on Boston near 4th street.


A Few Tips for Race Day

Sprenkel compiled a list of her personal tips for race day.  These are just her personal preference after years of racing and figuring out what works best for her.  If something sounds like good advice to you, take it!

  1. It's going to be cold!  What you wear is of course, your personal preference but this is what I would wear for each event.  The 5k is first, shorter, and before the sun really gets high enough to warm things up.  It will likely be in the high 30s or low 40s.  I would wear long leggings (I wouldn't say it's cold enough for fleece-lined), a long sleeve shirt and definitely gloves and something over the ears (but not a hat).  The 15k starts over an hour later and since it's a longer run, we'll be out there when the sun is really working for us.  I'm planning to wear either capris or my favorite mid-thigh running shorts.  I'll wear a long sleeve shirt over a racing singlet so if I do get too hot, I can take it off and toss it, or tie it around my waist.  I doubt I'll need gloves and ear warmers at 9am but will have them with me before going to the start line just in case.
  2. Eat something.  Again, this is different for each distance, and each runner.  For the 5k runners, it's less important to have something in your stomach that early.  I'll still personally recommend eating something 1.5 - 2 hours before your race starts but you know what you've been doing in training and should follow that procedure.  For the 15k (with a 9am start time), I'll have a bowl of oatmeal at 7am with some almond butter and fruit, and then as I'm walking to the start line I'll eat a banana.  Both of those choices are light enough in my stomach to handle while I run, and provide quick and easy carbs for fuel during the run.
  3. Stay warm as long as you can.  I find little purpose to arriving to the start line too early.  You'll see some runners doing drills or running warmup miles.  I like to stay inside where it's warm for as long as I can.  Our Studio will be open for foam rolling, stretching, drills and warmth all morning so that's where I'll be until about 5 minutes to run time when I'll jog over to the start.
  4. Get some rest.  I'd go to bed early enough to get a good 8-10 hours of sleep Friday night.  If you're truly in the racing spirit for this run, you'll want to prioritize that over a night out or any activities on Friday.  If you're running for fun, it's a little less important.  Personally, I'll be at a concert the night before so I know I may not feel 100% on race morning and that's ok because I'm in it for fun this year.
  5. Don't try anything new.  If you haven't done something on a training run, don't try it on race day.  Don't eat any new foods, try any new drinks like gatorade, wear brand new shoes, etc.  Stick with what you've done in training and trust it!
  6. HAVE FUN!  This is one of Tulsa's best races.  Enjoy the course, enjoy the fellow runners, enjoy the spirit, and have a great race!
 We're cheering for you!

We're cheering for you!