Recipe of the Month: Roasting Vegetables

Hey there!  Yes, we know it's the middle of the week but we've got some weekend prep tips to help you get plenty of veggies in all week!  

  1. Buy as many pre-chopped or pre-shredded veggies as you can.  Some weekends you may have all day, and may really crave the repetitive action of chopping or maybe all weekends the little bit of extra money is worth the time saved.  Our favorite pre-chopped veggies are - cauliflower (not rice, just chunks), sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions.
  2. Roast all the veggies around the same time.  Preheat the oven to 4oo degrees.  While it heats up, prep baking sheet with a layer of foil (makes cleanup a breeze!).  Mix one of the vegetables with olive oil and seasonings of your choice on the foil and place in the oven.  Roast for 10-20 minutes, checking occasionally and turning as necessary.  While one sheet roasts, you can prep the next pan.
  3. Change up the seasoning combos.  Some winter favorites right now are garlic+cauliflower, salt+pepper+brussels, sweet potato+cinnamon+nutmeg.
  4. Experiment and go outside the lines.  You are not stuck with those combos!  Play around with your favorite seasonings.  Try to categorize by regional food flavor - Mexican, Italian etc.

Now that you've done all this work, make sure you let them cool before you cover them in an airtight container to store in the fridge.  There are lots of ways to incorporate these into your meals throughout the week.

  1. Reheat in a skillet with some eggs for a veggie scramble.  Or reheat the veggies first, place in a bowl and then add two over-easy eggs on top.
  2. Add to a cold lunch salad.  Sweet potatoes especially are yummy on salads!
  3. Re-heat by broiling for 5 minutes as a dinner side.

Do you have any other vegetable tips for the weekend?  We'd love to hear about them!