Instructor Spotlight: Michelle

Michelle was the first instructor that we hired.  Teresa knew her from working with Lululemon on Guthrie Green.  Now we both love her!  I have had the privilege of taking some of her lunchtime gentle classes and always leave feeling restored, loved and completely cared for each time!  Get to know her a little better below and be sure to come feel her restorative magic for yourself!

much love,


From Michelle - RYT200

i was incredibly fortunate to go to a high school that offered yoga - it took one class & i was captivated. i dabbled for the next 6 years, off & on, just dipping my toes into the unknown. 

it wasn't until my mid-20's that i dove in head first (& never looked back) - my dad had suffered a stroke several months prior & i was just moving home from austin. i was experiencing a dark season in my life (i like to think of it as my quarter-life crisis...)

so my dad & i began going to yoga classes together almost every single day - first, as part of his recovery, but it quickly became a beautiful healing process for both of us. i watched the transformation of my dad, both physically & mentally, through his practice, & i was in awe. this was the moment i knew i wanted to teach. 

but, it wasn't until more recently, when i truly realized the healing that yoga has brought in my life, that i knew i HAD to teach, to share with others this powerful gift that i had been given. the love & acceptance that was passed from my teachers to myself, whether they knew it or not, was the catalyst that allowed me to find the strength to start the difficult journey of finding myself & my purpose, to understand what it really means to love myself & others, to let go of shame, & start showing up as the human i was created to be.

Where did you get certified? everyone yoga school at be love 

What is your favorite thing about teaching? seeing the change in people's faces from the start to the end of class. talk about some serious glow & relaxed frown lines. 

Favorite style to teach? a strong vinyasa flow or a gentle stretch & restore for athletes (or both in one!) 

Where can we find you if you're not at the studio? at lululemon, working along side some seriously groovy people. if you can't find me there... then i'm running on the river, channeling my inner jane fonda at barre3, or drinking a glass(es) of wine on a patio.   

Tell us about your family. my family - 6 weirdos with lots of opinions & too many endorphins. but we are best friends & we would be lost without each other. my parents are basically rockstars, my little brother is my ride or die, my sister came from unicorn and fairy dust, & her & her hubby slay the bicycle life.  

Best concert you've been to? i couldn't even begin to choose. i've been to too many shows & festivals with too many unbelievably talented artists.

Favorite city? telluride, colorado. it's magical.

Where are you traveling next? portland! to attend barre3 training. & hopefully colorado soon, too...

From her students:

"Michelle's gentle yoga class is one I can always count on to hit the spot.  I know without a doubt she will take the time to make sure we get peace with what we came for."

"My two favorite things about her class are the way she asks if anyone needs any extra work on a certain area and that she thanks us all at the end.  It's a perfect and sweet end to finish my zen!"