Adventure Awaits

Travel and fitness are the two main loves of my life (besides Miley, of course).  I love how much the world has to offer in landscape, history and culture.  When I first got into running, I decided I wanted to run a half marathon in every state, committing to my desire to travel and stay in shape in a lofty life goal.  It's worked very well for 18 of the states and I'm anticipating more smooth travel and racing for the remaining states.

Over the past few years though, as I've continued to find new kinds of landscapes and bigger cities, I realized that you can have an active vacation without having the activity be the purpose for your trip.  And this is when my big WHY for personal fitness and being in this industry shifted. Of course, the physical benefits are a driving factor in continuing to workout but the biggest is the ease and confidence with which I can experience all the things the world has to offer.

It's not just about traveling to see a new place and run a race.  It's about touring an entire city on a bicycle, and when your boyfriend isn't ready to stop riding, to be confident in going on to the next town.

 Biked from Beach Street to Presidio to the bridge to Sausalito to Mill Valley to Tiburon!

Biked from Beach Street to Presidio to the bridge to Sausalito to Mill Valley to Tiburon!

It's about embarking on an evening sunset hike and climbing up to the tallest rock you can find with the confidence you can scale back down.

It's about being able to lug your luggage through airports, security, rental cars and transport buses.

It's about looking forward to spending the morning hiking and the afternoon lazing by the beach.

It's about being up for the challenge of summiting a 14er at the last minute.  And also being able to run down the mountain when an afternoon storm runs in.

It's about being sturdy enough to carry your own stuff for two days worth of hiking and camping on your back.  

And finally about being able to truly enjoy an ice cream cone after 7 hours on a bicycle or the respite that a colorado retreat brings.

This is what my WHY looks like.  And I'd hope for the same general theme to shine through your life and your motivation to exercise.  A desire to participate in your life, whatever that may look like (I know hiking mountains in the afternoon is not on my list anymore.  But I got to do it once and decide that I didn't like it).  Maybe it's to be able to help your kids practice their sports.  Or have energy to play with your grandkids.  Or move through your life pain free and with energy.  Whatever it is, I hope that exercise and fitness paves the way for you to enjoy your life and your body more.  Life is too short (and fun!) to be a spectator sport.  Don't sit and watch (unless you're on the top of your mountain watching the sunset), run, bike, hike, move, play.  Experience it.  That is my hope for you.

much love, Sprenkel



If you're not sure where to start on this journey to your own grand adventure, stop by StudiOne at Sixth and Main in Downtown Tulsa or email me at for some guidance and a great community of support!