Summer Fit Camp Re-Cap

13 weeks ago I opened the doors of StudiOne to two groups of nervous and excited gals ready to start their Fit Camp.  I could feel the excitement in their energy, and also the nerves a little, "What did we just sign up for?"  3 rounds of 8 minute circuits later, they were done with their first workout.  I remember saying, "Just 35 more workouts to go!" sarcastically at the end as people were packing up to go.  And now the end is here!

I'm not sure how they left feeling after that first workout.  I know from the Facebook group and some text messages they were sore the next day or two or three.  I also know they felt good about it because every single one came back for more on Wednesday, and then Friday.  The Camp has 3 in-studio meetings per week: Leg day, arm day, full body Friday.  In the studio I lead us through fast-paced circuits with weights.  Outside of the studio, there is a Facebook group for all the campers to support each other, guidance for developing better nutritional habits and suggestions for workouts on the non-studio days.

I really wanted to create a program that would do the following things:

  1. Eliminate excuses for people
  2. Challenge people's physical abilities, and also their mental view of their own abilities
  3. Create a support structure for success
  4. Foster a sense of community

As I sit here reflecting on the past twelve weeks, especially that last day when the same group of people walked through those doors with more confidence than when they started, both in themselves and their ability to handle whatever I had written on the white board, I am so pleased with how things turned out.  We have a great program that I think will be a constant offering at StudiOne and the community that was created from it was the best part!  


If you have any questions about joining us, please email me: or read through some feedback from participants below!

  • I really looked forward to seeing what the new workouts were going to be.  It was like getting a present on FB every couple of days when I'd look to see what the next challenge was going to be.
  • The best part of this program was pushing my body to see how far it could go and meeting the others in my group who shared an interest in health.
  • The best part of the 12 weeks was making new friends, challenging myself and building confidence.
  • The actual working out time of 24 minutes was perfect.   Loved the format and how we could see ourselves getting stronger and completing more reps each time!