Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tulsa Yogi

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the studio!  We’ve got the tree up, bows on some merchandise, a few themed workouts planned and even a carol or two snuck into our classes.  We took some time to put together not one but two gift giving guides for you to help expand your yoga+fitness experience or to help you spread some joy to a special person in your life.  We’ve included some products we carry in the studio, and some products that we just love personally.  It’s kind of like Oprah’s Favorite Things, minus Oprah

  • Yoga Strap - if you’re a member of the studio, you’ve likely used these in a yoga class or the cool down part of a fitness class.  They are great for opening up the chest and shoulders, helping to gain length in the hamstrings and open the hips.  The ladder loops help you gauge your progress and provide a steady grip.  And the bright green color helps ensure it’s easy to find!  $15.00
  • Yoga Block - also a favorite accessory in our yoga classes.  These toys can both modify a pose to be more gentle and serve as a tool to make poses more difficult.  Talk about a jack of all trades!  The most common ways to use blocks are to lengthen limbs either by making arms longer to help maintain alignment or legs longer to go deeper into the stretch.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, ask us for a demo sometime!  $10.00 per block
  • Essential Oils - we use these, and encourage our instructors to as well, to close out almost every yoga class.  Lavender and peppermint are our favorites.  Lavender to calm and peppermint to energize!  There are many kinds of scents and each scent has its own purpose.  You might try starting with the sample kit before you invest in a bigger bottle of a scent you’re unsure of.  
  • Manicure/Pedicure - when you’re walking around barefoot a lot and staring at your toes in forward folds, its a nice treat to see some polish shining back at you!  Our favorite place to go locally is Hollywood Nails across from Whole Foods down Brookside.  Sprenkel says they’ve got the best massaging chairs she's ever felt and Teresa trusts them so much she’ll let them pick her color every time!  $25-60
  • MantraBands - we love these simple little bracelets.  We each have one with Inspire written on it to remind us of our original mission.  Sprenkel gave one to Teresa with patience on it when we were stuck looking and looking for a home.  Sprenkel loves her just run and infinite love.  They come in many, many mantras and are available in silver, gold and rose gold.  $25-$35
  • StudiOne Membership - saving the best for last!  By giving yourself or a loved one a membership, whether one month at a time, or for an entire year, you are gifting community, health and a chance for someone to reconnect to their body in a way that will thoroughly enhance their life.  This is the deal, we are serious about having fun - and if you buy a one year membership, you get one free (offer valid through the end of the year!).
FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Happy shopping y'all.  And if you're still stressed out about some people on your list, 60 minutes under our lights will be sure to bring some peace to the season.


xoxo, cheers