Gift Ideas for the Tulsa Runner

Did you catch our post last week for gift ideas for the yogi in your life?  If you missed it, just click back one post to find it.  This week, we're focusing on the runners and fitness fanatics on your list.  And who's to say that either of these lists are mutually exclusive?  Our whole goal with opening StudiOne was to bring more of each practice into people's lives!  Now, on to the list.

  • StudiOne Membership - this is a great option because it provides a plethora of weekly classes to choose from, discounts on all our small group personal training programs like Fit Camp and Running Coaching, and our wonderful community of like minded and energetic people.  $75-$95 per month
  • Performance Tank - an athlete can never have too many tank tops.  We've got performance running tanks in stock and on sale for 25% off!  Even if you don't opt for our performance tank, promise us you'll remember that to runners, "cotton is rotten".  Go ahead a splurge a little on that sweat wicking material.  Your friend will thank you! $16+tax


  • Yoga Strap - the rear side of the legs are usually the tightest for runners.  The best way to get deep into these muscles is by using a strap.  Swing by the studio to pick yours up, or hey, I bet if you asked us nicely, we'd ship to you!  $15
  • Running Coaching Programs - we will have several options for races this spring.  We'll do a 5k group for February and March, and a half marathon group for April.  Groups are a great way to start a running habit or to help it grow.  Specific race training with our experienced Coach and runner Sprenkel is $25 per month 
  • Training Journal - this is just a fun way for your athlete to track their miles and training progress.  Sprenkel is using the Believe Training Journal for her next round of race training.  $20


  • GPS Watch - because no one wants to use their phone for GPS and music.  Even if they say they do.  There are several levels of sophistication available for these.  Sprenkel recommends just a simple one that will track pace and miles like the Garmin Forerunner 10.  Or if you want to be simply over the top and get a beautiful watch, then go for the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire in rose gold.