Instructor Spotlight: Rachel

We've decided to give the October spotlight to Rachel because not only is it her birthday month but also her favorite month of the year (maybe because it's her birthday month!).  She is elegant and graceful in her movements and her teaching but if the right song comes across her playlist, she can turn quietly tough on you in a flow class!  Members love the flow and pace of her class, as well as the special care she gives to students in svasana (final resting pose).  Get to know Rachel a little better here, and then join her for a class in the Studio (M: 5:30 Flow, W 9:45 Flow and 11:30 Out of Office).

much love,


from Rachel - RYT20I first found yoga through a ballet related injury. I grew up as a ballet dancer and had quite a few injuries.  Eventually around the age of fifteen I found myself in a “yoga for athletes” class and was hooked by the physical aspect of yoga. It was not until about five years later that the spiritual and mental parts started to come together for me. (Which is a continuous journey).

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

I love making creative, powerful, sequences and keeping my classes light hearted, with an awesome soundtrack. It is also extremely rewarding to see people come back to my class every week and see their improvement and be a part of their journey.

If you're not teaching, where can we find you?

When I’m not at the studio you can find me outside with one (or all) of my four dogs! Or out running, getting tattooed, or hanging out downtown with friends.

Tell us about your family.

My boyfriend of three years (Nick) and I have quite the animal family. Four dogs, two cats, and two birds. We all live together in harmony believe it or not. I love all my fur babies. I also have an amazing dad and two not so little brothers. Sam is a senior and Zach is a freshman both at Bishop Kelley high school this year and are both talented athletes and competitive wrestlers.

What are your favorite poses?

I love any type of arm balance currently. Even the ones I have not “mastered”. I love the challenge and the feeling of defying gravity. Such a rush!  

I’d love to have you come to my class to have fun, build strength and just BREATHE!