Meet our Members: Mel Morgan

Mel came to us via StorytimeYoga first. We have loved getting to know her entire family through this class! She jumped into our Summer MiniCamp with both feet, despite having two young kids and running her own business, The Makerage, from her home. She brings grit and energy to our 7am class and never stops encouraging others. Read her story below!

We still have 6 weeks left of our current round - it’s not too late to join us to see for yourself what this program is all about! Click here to register for four weeks!

What made you want to join fit camp?

I decided to join fit camp for a couple of different reasons. I looked up and realized my daughter was turning 2.  I couldn't believe it had been two years and I still had not found a good exercise routine. I had tried a few times with yoga classes, and even went running with a friend, once. Ha, ha. But each of those things did help ignite a desire to get my health back in check.  I knew I was eating the wrong things. I knew I needed to exercise more.  Basically, my energy level was down and overall felt like a lazy person. I knew I needed to be more for my family.  I knew i needed to make a change. 
What is your favorite thing about the program?

In the beginning, my favorite thing about the program was that it was short. I first committed to the 4 week long mini camp.  I felt like it was obtainable and something that I knew I could commit to at that time. I also loved the small community.  I have been taking my girls to story time yoga for several months and really loved the tight knit group of moms and support from Teresa and Jessica.  I knew that I would have an incredible support system to get me started back in my journey to a healthier me. 


What results have you loved the most?

The energy I have! I'm not much of a morning person, and a 7am class is early in my book.  However, starting my day off with fit camp has been a wonderful change in how my day goes. I feel I have more energy to run around and play with my two kids. My mind feels clearer. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, which is not exactly how I was feeling before joining fit camp.  And let's face it, having my clothes fit a little looser is a huge bonus too! 

How has it changed other areas of your life?

Where do I even begin? As I mentioned already, the energy I have is so much different than before.  I feel like I have the energy to run around and play with my kids.  Walking in my hilly neighborhood is easier.  I also just have more energy and attention when I'm at work and at home. 

What is your main motivation for staying fit?

Unequivocally, my family. I want to be my healthiest for my kids and my husband.  I also want to show my kids that taking care of your body is an important part of life. It's so fun to watch them do yoga and want to exercise like mommy. 


How do you spend your free time?

What is this, free time? Since my husband and I run two businesses from home, there isn't much free time. 

What do you love about Tulsa?

I absolutely love how much downtown has changed.  There is so much to do on any given night. A drastic change from when we moved here 7 years ago. I'm super excited about the Gathering Place too. It's a perfect place to spend a relaxing morning. 

Favorite book?

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein


Fave place you’ve visited?

This is a tough question. There are so many good places I have visited.  I used to live in Casablanca, Morocco, while there I visited Marrakesh.  It's definitely my favorite city I've ever visited, tucked in the middle of a desert surrounded by snow capped mountains.  The culture there is so bright, lively, and vivid.  No to mention the people, I love all the wonderful people I met during my time there. I can't wait to take my husband and kids there to visit one day. 

Meet our Members: The Ball Family

We just love it when the whole family joins the fun at StudiOne!  The Ball family started with Tasha coming to our FitCamp program.  Then little Tony started coming to StorytimeYoga.  Sam has joined us on a few runs and now Aaron is all involved with FitCamp and running too!  It's been such fun to slowly get to know the whole gang, and hear how our programs have changed their lives.

 Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

What made you want to join fit camp?

A: I quit crossfit years ago and have missed it. My wife wasn't interested in trying it. When she joined StudiOne I was glad to hear it and was interested in the high intensity interval training and yoga. She suggested I join too and I thought it would be good for us to both work out in the same gym.   

T: My healthy, active pregnancy and easy birth gave way to a case of postpartum anxiety. I was feeling new aches and pains I couldn't release, and I was struggling with mood, outlook, energy levels, sleep—you name it. I wanted to be able to keep up with my two boys (Sam, 10, and Tony, almost 2) and find healthful ways to soothe my PPA symptoms. Getting back into my pre-baby closet sounded nice, too. 

What is your favorite thing about the program?

A: I love the camaraderie you can only get in group workouts. It's uplifting to finish a tough workout and everyone is giving high fives. 

T: I love the bursts of hard effort. I don't come from a strong fitness background, so the format of the program has helped me build strength and endurance that I've never had before, starting with where I needed to start (read: right smack at the beginning).

What results have you loved the most?

A: The result I enjoy most is the increased feeling of well being. You can't get that sitting on your butt.

T: The confidence boost has been thrilling, and it has carried over into every other area of my life—I even registered to run a half marathon this fall. I credit fit camp with my improved sleep and energy, and working out with the fit camp group has helped tremendously as part of my anxiety-care plan. And I love fit campers. I mean, I now take epsom salt baths (previously: ew), drink smoothies (previously: EW), and wake up almost every day at 4:45 a.m. (previously: OMG IS THE HOUSE ON FIRE BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE REASON WHY I AM PUTTING ON A BRA AT THIS HOUR). It's all because of you people, who inspire me to do crazy-yet-good-for-me things. 

How has it changed your running?

A: I feel stronger and I am more inclined to run.

T: I can run faster, for longer, and happily with other humans. A first! 

What is your main motivation for staying fit?

A: The group workouts create an environment that is a big motivation. The people in class become friends and family. It's sort of at team. Everyone has a shared goal of being better. I show up and do my best every time.

T: Right now it's about seeing what else I can accomplish. As someone who didn't really participate in sports or fitness earlier in life, every achievement is a first for me, and a doorway into new, uncharted territory. 

 Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Photo credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

We also asked Tasha to speak about how this program, and the Studio has changed the dynamics of her family life.  These are the kinds of results we love the most, and hope for all of our members.

Aaron is busy these days. Since he started at StudiOne, Aaron has taken up yoga, volunteering with the food bank, obstacle-course running, and knife-making. We will celebrate our 14th anniversary this fall. We've been through our share of workout programs. None has resulted in spontaneous knife-making, until now.  Watching Aaron take on these new hobbies thrills me. It's wonderful to see him enjoy increased energy, and to have the opportunity the enjoy it with him and our two kiddos (Sam, 10, and Tony, almost 2). 

Aaron and I don't get to go to FitCamp at the same time, since our youngest needs at least one of us at home. But this way we get to compare notes about our workouts, and I get to serve up a little trash talk at class when he's not around. Aaron spent a decade in the military, so has a stronger fitness background than I do. Still, I love pushing to try to outdo him in FitCamp. On Thursday nights, I press him for details about what my workout will be the following morning. He never tells me, saying instead things like "you'll really love this one," or "it's a doozy," or "guess which move made me call Jessica horrible names." 

It has been fun to have someone to commiserate with about sore muscles, early bedtimes, our least-favorite workouts, and leafy greens for dinner when we'd rather have ice cream. It's been even more fun to have someone to laugh with about sore muscles, early bedtimes, our least-favorite workouts, and leafy greens for dinner when we'd rather have ice cream. 

That this someone now sports guns and buns by StudiOne is a nice bonus. 

Ready to join us?  You can sign up for our next round of FitCamp (September 3- November 30) here!

 Photo Credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Photo Credit: Chelsea Ahlgrim

Lunch Break: Pure Food + Juice

Last week, us girls traveled over to Brookside for a little working lunch.  We picked Pure Food + Juice for our spot and settled down in a booth in the back.   Pure is a plant-based restaurant and bar with an incredibly diverse menu ranging from smoothies and juices to complete entrees.  


Teresa, a plant-based eater herself, already knew she loved this place.  She ordered a smoothie acai bowl, with strawberries and the coconut family of toppings.  She got a good healthy serving of fruit, a punch of antioxidants in the acai and a dose of healthy fats from the coconut.


Sprenkel, a little bit skeptical, ordered the avocado toast.  Her meal gave her plenty of healthy fats from the avocado and a good source of carbs from the vegan bread.  Plus it was the tastiest, fluffiest avocado she's ever had on toast.  

We highly recommend checking this place out for their grab n go fridge if you need healthy in a pinch, or slowing down for a meeting over drinks and a meal.  We can't wait to come back, let us know if you want to join us!

YogaCamp Testimonial: Angeline

Angeline was a piano major in college, and over time began to deal with chronic pain in her hands to the point she thought she wouldn't be able to play anymore.  Some research on how to alleviate the pain led her to the Alexander Technique (a workshop that she teaches at our Studio!), yoga and modern dance. We love her presence in our classes and her willingness to adapt to her own modifications as needed.  Always a student, she is full of wonderful questions and perspectives.  Read a little more about her, and her YogaCamp journey below!


What lead you to enroll in the YogaCamp class?

I was interested in more than the asanas, I wanted to know more about the philosophies and mudras.

What were you hoping to gain from YogaCamp?

I wanted to gain a better understanding of the physical and mental benefit each yoga posture brings.

 Briefly describe your yoga background/experience.

I have been practicing yoga for about a year and a half.  I began at the downtown YMCA. My favorite part has been the options and modifications offered to the students from the instructor.  I never feel like I have to “hold” a pose too long and always know I can modify or come out of a posture at any time.

Did you have any apprehension about Yoga Camp?

I actually wasn’t too worried about YogaCamp, I knew we would be taking it slow, learning about the philosophy and breaking down the yoga postures.  

What motivates you?

I enjoy taking care of myself, I am driven, I like to learn as much as possible, applying the knowledge to my life.  I strive to apply the skill set learned so I may continue to have the capability to care for my aging parents.

Do you have any thoughts or feedback about the YogaCamp class structure or format?

I personally like the structure of the class.  I enjoy beginning class with the yoga philosophy and the time spent breaking down each yoga pose.  I would like to continue learning about some of the mudras we've touched on! 

IMG_0250 (1).JPG

We are just wrapping up our inaugural YogaCamp and are looking forward to hosting another round in the fall!  If you'd like to sign up to learn more about Yamas and Niyamas of yoga, as well as spend a more significant amount of time breaking down postures each week, click here to register!


Summer Salads: Two Favorites

Summer officially starts this week!  And although temperatures here in Oklahoma have  been summer-like for too long now, we’re going to help you prepare for healthy eating the rest of the season with our favorite summer salad recipes.  These are great sides to bring to pool parties, serve alongside some proteins from the grill or to just enjoy on their own. Almost all of the ingredients can even be found at a local farmers’ market!

Cucumber Tomato Salad

This is Sprenkel’s go to summer side.  It’s easy to throw together and pairs great with dinner or breakfast alongside eggs.  It’s cool and refreshing! This is the base she uses, feel free to add more lemon, other veggies and herbs.




Cherry tomatoes



Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Sprenk is an easiest-way-possible kind of cook so she uses baby cucumbers so that she only has to slice once for each piece.  Then, she halves the cherry tomatoes. If you like avocado and want to include it in your salad, cube one avocado. Drizzle with olive oil and juice of one half to a full lemon.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and that’s it! Again, feel free to add cilantro, red wine vinegar, red onions etc to make this salad your own.

Green Goddess Quinoa Summer Salad by Pinch of Yum

Teresa's salad includes an added punch of plant-based protein with the ingredient quinoa.  If you haven't cooked quinoa before, you should definitely give it a try - it's easier than rice!  This salad also allows for a lot of versatility in the ingredients that you choose, allowing you to us veggies you have on hand, add in extra protein, some cheese for a taste bomb or nuts for extra crunch!

Find the recipe here:

We'd love to hear what your favorite salads are for the summertime - let us know!

June Habit of the Month: Hydrate!

We are all about creating and sustaining healthy habits here at StudiOne, and this can move far beyond the typical habits of exercise and healthy eating.  We want to share with y’all some of our favorite habits by encouraging you to join in with us over a monthly period. Our first habit, because of the rising temperatures and timely relevance in this summer-in-Oklahoma season, is to drink more water (or, if you do a good job of this already, continue to drink water).

The benefits of being properly hydrated are well-researched.  More energy, higher metabolism, headache relief, improved athletic performance and improved memory and brain performance are all major benefits of drinking plenty of water.  

The exact amount of water you’ll need each day is variable based on your body size, age and activity level but chances are you’re getting just enough or not even. We compiled some of our favorite tips for helping us stay hydrated all day long.

IMG_5531 (1).JPG
  1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal, and another during your meal, taking sips between bites.

  2. Invest in a water bottle to set on your desk or keep in your car or your house.  There are many varieties now that can keep you drink cold for hours and hours. Try to find one with a straw - studies have shown that the easier it is (like not having to remove a lid) to take a sip, the more water you will drink.

  3. If you’re out drinking adult beverages, have a glass of water between each beverage (you’ll thank us in the morning).

  4. Add some citrus fruit or berries to your water if you think the stuff on its own is too bland.

So whatcha think?  Y’all up for this challenge with us this month?  We’ll provide tips, reminders and check-ins as we go, let us know if you’re with us!

RunGroup Testimonial: Joe Medina

One of our own, Joe Medina, ran in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon today!   Joe has trained with us since February 2018 and although it took a little convincing, he and we are so glad he joined the track workouts.  We sat down with him to pick his brain before his big run, and we can now officially share with you that he set a PR (fastest time for a race distance) today in his marathon!


 joe at the LA marathon earlier this year.

joe at the LA marathon earlier this year.

How did you hear about StudiOne Tulsa?

I knew one of the owners and had a previous relationship with her and her husband.  Teresa invited me (repeatedly, in the nicest way possible) into the studio to check out the services offered.

How did you get turned on to running?  

At first it was recreational 2-3 mile runs, then a 5k then the Tulsa Run and pretty soon I was running the Route 66 Half Marathon.  

When did you race your first marathon?

My first marathon was in 2015.  I loved the challenge, it pushed me, physically and mentally throughout my training process.

What part of the StudiOne RunGroup Training do you feel has helped elevate your performance?

Having a run coach has helped me stay accountable to reach my goals and the sprint workouts (Tuesdays at 5:30 am or pm) have helped me close out my races stronger than before.

 a strong finish in tulsa

a strong finish in tulsa

Tell me what you enjoy most about the StudiOne Community?

I enjoy the camaraderie from the small group training runs to the excitement and anticipation of race days followed by brunch.  The entire group is there to support you and celebrate the victories. The StudiOne Community is amazing!

Do you have a nutrition plan?

I eat fruits and vegetables and lean meats, I have recently cut out all red meat from my diet.   I have discovered things I like and pretty much continue to eat those foods. I enjoy cooking for myself, this way I know what I am consuming.

Do you have a cookbook/blogger/recipe that you enjoy?

I pretty much stick to a modified version of the TB12 (Tom Brady) Diet.  

What is your training/racing plan?

I check the calendar for the list of marathons, then see if it will fit into my schedule, sometimes my training plan is modified due to time constraints.  This is where having Jessica as my run coach is beneficial. She has the experience and expertise to create a training plan that works best for me so I am ready to perform at an optimal level on race day.  

What are your secrets to success?

Be prepared, have a plan and be passionate about the things you love to do.
What advice do you have for a rookie runner?  

I’d say to start slow, select a 5k, train for it, run it, then keep going, slowly move your way up in distance.  


You can join Joe and the StudiOne community for your running needs too!  We have plans and programs for all levels - 5k to marathon, beginner to racers.  We can also work around your availability and schedule to make sure you know what your workout is for the week!  Click here for more info.

Our Favorite Cookbooks

Anyone out there sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of recipe inspiration at our fingertips?  Pinterest.  Instagram.  Instagram hashtags.  Facebook cooking videos.  And on and on.  There's so much that it's almost too much to sift through.  We certainly feel that way.  Today, we wanted to share our 3 favorite cookbooks that we love to prepare meals from.  We have tested and loved recipes from these books, and hope you do too!


Teresa's Faves

  1. Bowls of Goodness by Nina Ollson - Packed full of healthy vegetarian recipes with a wide variety of ingredients.
  2. Good Clean Food by Lily Kunin - More veggie recipes, inspired by simple ingredients.
  3. It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow - A collection or recipes used by the actress when she was coming back from a period of fatigue and exhaustion, to help her feel energized and vibrant.

Sprenkel's Faves

  1. Run Fast Eat Slow by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse KopeckyA collection of recipes used and consumed by the Olympian Shalane Flanagan when she is in marathon training.  They are based around whole foods, and provide healthier options for indulgent treats like french toast and scones.
  2. Whole 30 Fast and Easy by Melissa Hartwig - Quick recipes following the elimination guidelines of the Whole30 diet.  Even if you're not completing a W30, know that anything from this book is healthy and delicious!
  3. Body Love by Kelly LeVeque - A combination of smoothies, salads and easy dinners using her FabFour recipe equation (protein, fat, greens, fiber).
 superhero muffins from run fast eat slow.

superhero muffins from run fast eat slow.

So, if you're looking to get into healthy at-home cooking but aren't sure where to start, we'd highly recommend choosing one of the books above and cooking your way through it.  Find a few recipes that are easy for you, and delicious and keep coming back to those!  Sprenkel makes the Superhero Muffins from Run Fast Eat Slow almost every week for snacking on!  Ain't no shame in finding something you love and repeating it over and over.

Susan's Precision Nutrition Testimonial

Did you know we offer nutrition coaching? Well we do! And in January 2018, we launched our first group of clients on our year-long nutrition coaching program!  

With our program, it’s not about counting calories or what foods are good and bad, it’s about building good, healthy, sustainable eating habits that will carry you through your life— and allow you to have a little fun while you’re at it! Besides, knowledge is POWER, as you know… and we believe you should know what you’re putting in your body and how it can change you!

Now that it's been about four months, the results are starting to speak for themselves. So...We asked one of our first ever loyal clients, Susan, to share her thoughts and experience with the habit-based program.  

A little about Susan… We are here to tell ya, her results have been amazing and we are so excited to see her hard work paying off!  She's accessed the program through the ONE Pass— a one-year commitment to unlimited classes at the studio, plus the nutrition program. The nutrition program, on top of her exercise routine, has pushed her results to a new level.  

Blog Photo 7.jpg

Susan's Story (in her own words!)

with some additional info from us (in italics)

I have been a regular StudiOne fit camper since the first round in spring of 2016 and started what has become a fairly consistent yoga practice with them later in the fall.  I've steadily built strength and endurance over that time, but I also generally felt stagnant in my progress and stuck in unhealthy eating habits that I couldn't seem to shake. I had spent a year and half developing these fitness habits and working on them regularly, but my clothes always fit the same, if not just a little too tightly for my liking.  My measurements got bigger and my weight went up. Sure, I was getting stronger, but I wasn't really getting in shape like I expected myself to.

So when the 2018 new year FitCamp started and S1 advertised nutrition coaching to go along with it, I assumed Precision Nutrition coaching was a 12 week challenge and I thought, I can crush 12 weeks, and then I'll be good to go.  I figured the 12 weeks would compensate for a winter of poor food/drink choices and put me in good shape for summer. I didn't really have a plan for after the 12 weeks, but I wasn't sweating it, I'm pretty great with a challenge and that's all I was looking for.  

Then I found out that not only is the PN coaching a year long program, but it's also not even a challenge (instead, it's a 365 day daily habit-based program designed to hit all areas of a healthy lifestyle: eating habits, sleep rituals, beverage choices, emotional ties to food to name a few)

At first I was dismayed, as not only am I pretty time commitment-phobic, but I also have a really emotional relationship with food, and I knew that if I was going to spend a year working on my nutrition, then I really would have to let go of some decades old behaviors and make some real changes.  This was really scary for me, because food has been a lifelong comfort and coping mechanism, and I knew that I'd have to address the reasons behind how and why I eat. As someone who's struggled with eating disorders for much of my adult life, this was a really daunting prospect. But I committed to the program, because ultimately, at my core, I knew I needed a change, or I wouldn't have needed the challenge in the first place.  So I sat down at the computer for my pre-program orientation, and within minutes of learning about the program, my anxiety subsided.

 some notes from lessons.

some notes from lessons.

How has this program most impacted your approach to nutrition?

At the core of the program, PN stresses self-care through nutrition, teaching you about different kinds of foods and how those foods are processed by your body, giving you options for healthier choices.  Rather than set up an unsustainable and restrictive diet based on what you can't have, PN encourages you to just be mindful of the quality of the food you put in your body, and the quantity, too. Simultaneously, PN coaching offers practical and logical tips for incorporating your newly learned eating habits into your day to day life.  Meal prep is a difficult skill to master if you're going at it alone, no matter how good you are in the kitchen. PN coaching teaches you how to build a meal a menu, and then how to shop, emphasizing local merchants and seasonal eating, so that you're able to slowly but purposefully introduce your new habits into your life.

 a typical saturday farmer's market haul

a typical saturday farmer's market haul


Was this easy to fit into your lifestyle?

On a long day, PN coaching takes 15 minutes out of my schedule, but that's maybe once every 2 weeks.  Most of the time I sit down for 5-8 minutes, read the short lesson and complete any other coaching tasks assigned that day, hand write my own notes, tips and ideas, and I'm done for the day.  I try to do it right after breakfast, so it sets an intention for my day and I get it out of the way quickly. The brevity of the lessons means if I miss a day for unforeseen circumstances, it's easy to make it up.  And it's substantially more interesting than anything on facebook, so I try to swap time I would spend on social media for learning healthy new habits.

What results have you seen so far?

The physical benefits are pretty great.  I completed the 12 weeks of StudiOne New Year 2018 FitCamp at the end of March with dramatically different results than any other session since they opened.  I lost 19 inches of girth (I wish there was another word for that, it's such an awkward word to describe a woman's body, we do too.  Any ideas out there?), and I'm also down 19 pounds.  I felt my strength build more quickly with this last round and my recovery and soreness after tough workouts rapidly decreased in time as the weeks went on. Now I'm in Spring FitCamp, building on that same strength and I can feel and see myself get stronger and tougher and I attribute all of my growth to my new habits and just eating good food, and decreasing amounts of junk.  

How has this program changed how you look at food?

All too often I've tried various diets or styles of eating, only to quit because I want what my diet tells me I can't have or because I missed a day of eating right, so I would just give up.  That history made me so nervous about the daily emailed lessons. The Type A perfectionist in me wants to tell you I've nailed the habit down of reading the lessons every day, but that's not true (we've never had a single client stay 100% on top of daily lessons, and that's ok!).  And in the past, being a few weeks behind would have been enough for me to quit and send me right back into my anxiety ridden, food shaming, disordered eating ways.  

Blog Photo 6.jpg

However, because of the slow, incremental progress I've made with PN coaching over the last couple of months, I can tell I've made huge changes in my relationship to food. I no longer see food as comfort, but rather as a way to care for myself, I've made peace with my disordered eating habits by getting educated (we love the educational aspect of this program) and organized and I'm physically stronger and more fit than I've maybe ever been.  With the help of Sprenkel, Teresa and the rest of the StudiOne team, I've been able to walk through PN coaching, face my fears by learning how to make them my strengths, and really make giant changes in my life I never thought I'd see.  I can't wait to see how the rest of this program goes (we can't either!)!


Don’t forget, you can do a combination of our workout and nutrition program too, or just tackle the nutrition program! Either way, we’d love to have ya. Now, if this testimonial doesn’t make ya wanna hear more….

Our Favorite Snacks

Finding the perfect snack that is healthy, just a little bit filling and also delicious can seem like an impossible task!  Lucky for you, we’ve honed our snack-choosing skills over the years to help fill tiny gaps between teaching and workouts and are excited to share our favorites today.  There are two guidelines we try to stick to when it comes to healthy snacking:

  1. Choose a fruit or vegetable to provide ample nutrients to your body

  2. Add a fat or protein for staying power

Pretty simple if you know which of these categories your foods fall into.  We’ve listed some examples of our favorites below!

IMG_4863 (1).JPG

Sprenkel's Favorite Snacks

I pretty much just have two go-to snacks.   Almost every day between my breakfast and lunch, I’ll have veggies and hummus.  My favorite hummus (protein) is just the Original flavor from Whole Foods Market.  I love to mix up the veggies depending on my mood - red pepper slices, broccoli and carrots usually make an appearance.

In the afternoons, especially if there’s some kind of second round of workouts for the day, I’ll have a fruit (usually apple or banana) and some kind of almond or peanut butter (fat).  If I don’t have any nut butter on hand, I may have pistachios or a hard boiled egg instead. Since fruits are carbs, they are digested quickly, but adding the fat or protein to them helps me stay full until dinner time!

Teresa’s Favorite Snacks

My favorite snacks are raw and unsalted mixed nuts.  Nuts are filled with healthy fat and are delicious.  I love how easy it is to grab a handful on my way out the door to teach a class!  My go tos are Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds and walnuts. I also love pecans!

I love to snack on fruits; mango, watermelon, blueberries, clementines, peaches, pears, cantaloupe, pretty much any fruit in season!

Another snack I keep on hand at all times, is broccoli, red/green/yellow/orange bell peppers, cauliflower, celery and tomatoes.  I meal prep on Sundays and have these items in my fridge 24/7.  It keeps me from snacking on Steve’s Oreos!


We hope this gives you some fresh inspiration for your daily snack ritual, or at the very least will keep you away from the vending machine!  What are your favorite snacks to have on hand?

Tips for Running in the Heat

It certainly feels like we went straight from a lingering winter into early summer around here.  Oh how we wish there would have been more mornings in the 40 degree temperature range instead of jumping from low 30s to 60s like it feels like the weather did.  Good ol’ Oklahoma.

We’ve put together our best tips for enjoying your runs, despite what the temperature might read outside.  We survived the winter, and we know with the right mindset, the summer will only make us tougher!

 time for lighter, looser layers!

time for lighter, looser layers!

  1. Dress appropriately - Repeat after me, “cotton is rotten.”  This is true for all weather but especially true in the heat.  You want a light-colored, loose, moisture-wicking fabric on your top half.   The color of your bottom half is less important but you still want to avoid cotton at all costs!

  2. Prepare for chafing - As the temperatures rise, the amount of clothing we wear falls.  This means more opportunity for skin-on-skin rubbing. If you do choose to wear shorts (a logical choice for the summer!), consider opting for tights, shorts with a tight base layer, or rubbin’ down those thighs with some good ol’ body glide.  Vaseline works well too. Other popular chafing areas: sports bra line, back of arms where they touch your torso.

  3. Hydrate - You’ll want to be thinking about your water intake before you get out on the route.  If your run is longer than an hour, you should carry water with you or make plans for your route to have water stops (for Studio runs longer than an hour, we’ll provide water stops!).  Be sure to have 8-12oz of water after your run if it’s longer than 30 minutes.

  4. Be Patient - When the temperatures change as fast as they have here, it can feel like the difficulty of your regular pacing goes right up with them.  Give your body 3-4 weeks to acclimate to running in the heat (think of it as it needs time to practice effectively cooling you down again) and while it still might not feel great, it will get better.  And, if you stick with it through the season, the fall will be a beautiful time!

 we love these shorts with a tighter layer underneath to prevent chafing.  these are from Athleta

we love these shorts with a tighter layer underneath to prevent chafing.  these are from Athleta

Don't forget we've got running groups to make it all a little more bearable!  We're currently training for the Firecracker 5k in July, and then will be in "train to maintain" mode until the fall race season is upon us!  Click here for more info!

 we've got water bottles for sale!

we've got water bottles for sale!

Meet Our Members: The Cherrys

The Amanda half of the Cherrys came to us first.  She was so excited to get started, she asked if she could jump in to the second half of an already underway FitCamp.  She was not intimidated (or maybe she was, just didn't show it) by the already in it members, and just jumped right in.  The Matt half of the Cherrys joined us for the next full round and we've been enjoying their mostly cute, sometimes bantering couple-ness ever since.  Read on for their story!


Amanda's answers in bold.  Matt's answers in regular.

What made you want to join fit camp? Seeing Ashley’s before and after photos and hearing her talk about how much she loved fit camp- I was like dang girl! 

After many years of doing the same workout, the same routine, year after year I stopped seeing any results. My wife had only been going to Fit Camp for only half a session & had seen great results.  She had been pushing me to go & (as i normally do when she pushes me), I finally caved. I immediately noticed results in my stomach, my arms but mostly my legs & glutes. 

What is your favorite thing about the program? Literally everything and all of Matts answers (see free time explanation). I have to say there are a few things. The group for starters is great. Everyone comes in to not only better themselves, but they are all there to laugh & have fun as well, including our trainers. The accountability we have with each other helps a lot. And then it also helps I get to do the camp with my wife. That is the cherry on top.


What results have you loved the most? All of them. Every morning I pinch myself and I’m like I did that- I committed to the workouts and I did that! 

Oh 100% my glutes. I actually got two compliments walking around downtown on St. Paddy's day. 

How has it changed your running? My endurance has improved tremendously and I feel confident in knowing if someone were chasing me… I could outrun them.. 

I haven't run as far, or as long, since I was in college. I actually remember what a runners-high feels like. 
What is your main motivation for staying fit? My mental and physical health. 

 Besides my vanity? I just want to live a long & healthy life with my wife. I also want to look good ;)


How do you spend your free time? Well after reading Matts answers- which were pretty identical to my answers and they made me think I needed more/new hobbies, because it sounds like we are morphing into one. My free time is mostly spent with all of my favorite people and Winnie, riding bikes, going to shows, rearranging the living room, traveling, brunch, and some other stuff…

We spend most of our time together (gross, I know), but when we have free time we like to spend it with our friends, exploring the new & great things happening in Tulsa. 

What do you love about Tulsa? The architecture, downtown, sunsets, and most of the people.

The amount of growth & care that has swept over downtown! We constantly say how we wish we had a downtown like this in our 20's. But at least we still get to experience & enjoy the new & great growth happening right now. It really is amazing to watch & experience.  

Favorite book? Anything by Jenny Lawson, Brene Brown, Jenny Mollens, and Chelsea Handler. 

The Rum Diary's - Hunter S. Thompson

Favorite place you’ve visited? Any place with good company is my favorite place..

Ski towns!


It's not too late to join our next round, starting April 16 (except the 5:15am class is FULL!)  Click here to register:

Meet Our Members: Suzanne

Teresa met Suzanne at one of our favorite brunch spots, Blue Moon.  The story goes Suzanne was sitting a table over from Teresa and it wasn't long before they were chatting away like they were sitting at the same table.  Y'all know Teresa, she's never met a stranger!  Suzanne decided right there at brunch to join our FitCamp and even though she was nervous (bringing her own lighter dumbbells for the first few classes), she's flying strong with the veterans of class now!  


What made you want to join fit camp?  When I heard the words, “transformational fit camp”, I was hooked. Meeting Teresa at Blue Moon and hearing all about StudiOne sounded great, and it was the perfect time in my life to do this.  I was really slowing down and starting to feel frail- ugh! Teresa was so excited to talk about StudiOne, Jessica, and I felt this was going to be something special, and that it could be a new beginning for me!

What is your favorite thing about the program?  My favorite things about the program are the super positive and inspirational instructors (Jessica and Teresa) and how good I feel after every workout!  I know they are committed to providing us the best workouts, and no matter how hard they are, afterwards, I always feel great, incredible, amazing - like a superwoman!!! I wouldn’t be able to push myself like this, if I were alone.  

What results have you loved the most?  My results are great! After twelve weeks I am so strong all over- my core is much better. Back, arms, legs, abs, glutes are all better. Skin tone and firmness is better.  I started out able to do zero push-ups. Now I can do 12.  My goal was 6 good push-ups.  My other goal was better core/abs.  I achieved much more than I thought I would be able to, and I can not WAIT for the next twelve weeks to start. It is a lifestyle...I just want to be strong all over and feel good about myself.  

What is your main motivation for staying fit?  My main motivation for staying fit has always been that I want to be great and strong at what I do for my age group! I want to be healthy and  run, bike, lift, do yoga, walk, whatever I can! It’s all very hard, so nutrition is really important to me. StudiOne is perfect for me, and for anyone at any level.  I love that! Remember, I couldn’t lift their weights in the beginning. They let me use my little 5lb weights until I felt stronger and able to move up.  I was afraid of hurting my weak arms!!

What do you love most about Tulsa?  I love Tulsa- grew up here! It’s beautiful with wonderful, good people. I love the river parks and hope it’s available again soon.  Downtown is fun and has so much going on. Tulsa is a perfect size!

We are so proud of you Suzanne!  You didn't let anything stand in your way, and you've come so far from the days of BYOD (bring your own dumbbells!).  We're looking forward to another round, and another round and another round with you!

Are you ready to sign up now?   Early bird special ($50 off) is good through April 8!  Sign up here:

One is Two! What we've learned from two years of StudiOne


Ya’ll, ONE is TWO! How has it been two years since we opened StudiOne? HOW!? It’s been so fast, so fun, so challenging and SO WORTH IT. We are so grateful to have a community of clients who have supported us (some of you from day one)! And we can’t wait to see what year three brings. But for now, we want to bask in the glory of our birthday and reflect on year two!

 The First Day!

The First Day!

TERESA: I have loved and learned so much over the past two years as co-owner of StudiOne yoga + fitness.

This like minded community we have built, that’s the thing I have loved the most -- building relationships with our members, helping them define what is important to them and helping them achieve their goals has been paramount. There are so many people that want to make healthier choices, need guidance or lack the support needed to live a healthy life.  Most students desire to get into better shape and lose some weight so they can look and feel their best.  Our clients have the opportunity to invest in themselves, set goals and find the unconditional support to take a step in the right direction.

I have learned how important it is to be flexible and open minded as a business owner.  Jessica and I wrote a business plan together over two years ago, defining specific and relevant goals we expected to achieve, how we intended to reach them and implemented metrics to measure our success.  We knew wanted to offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes.  At the time, I was a certified yoga teacher and she was a personal trainer.  We discovered pretty quickly we would need to be certified to teach every class, in case one of us got ill.  That is exactly what we did.  During this certification process we have learned so much more about each other’s passions, I think it is safe to say, today, we are both equally passionate about yoga + fitness.  We teach and take every class option on our schedule, we have immersed ourselves into our certifications and the not so glamorous business side of the studio.   Two short years later, our passion for StudiOne is clear and precise to all of our students.

 Our first birthday!

Our first birthday!


Oh gosh where do I even begin.  When we set out, I really wanted to create a safe and encouraging place where WE fostered and nurtured people’s dreams.  The avenue we chose happened to be yoga and fitness, but that was always at the root of StudiOne.  At our core, we are a community of people who supports and nurtures our students’ dreams.  I have learned that when you put love and encouragement into people, they will put it right back into you, and others.  I didn’t expect that to happen when we opened the doors two years ago, but I guess that’s what a community is -- or that’s what this StudiOne community has taught me.  A circular representation of what is fostered the most.

The most memorable example of this for me was last year when I set out to chase my impossible dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  I’d worked hard all summer, talked about my training in classes, and taken many of our classes as part of training.  Then I set off for Washington state to do it and I had cards, and texts and voice messages to listen to on my run from so many of our students.  I laughed, sucked it up and pushed harder at all different times in the race, and eventually was brought to tears by the number of people who believed in me.  I looked forward to coming home to my family at the studio, even though I hadn’t quite made the time goal.  I knew they wouldn’t be disappointed.  And still, two years later, that is what I hope we bring to you.  Yes, you can do that taller step.  Yes, you can quiet your mind.  Yes, you can take that scary next step in your job. That’s the most important thing this studio has taught me - yes, I can.   

We want to thank each of you for believing in us, and giving us this very special opportunity to do what we love and share our passions with you.  Whether you've been there from day 1, or just watching and cheering from afar, we couldn't do it without you.  We are forever grateful for the early mornings, the sweat sessions, the lavender endings to yoga class and your willingness to try whatever we throw at you.  Here's to year 3!

 Here we go into year 3!

Here we go into year 3!

Make Ahead Salad: Kale and Brussels

We've got a fresh new recipe for you this week!  We hope we are encouraging and inspiring you to cook a little bit ahead on your weekends.  This recipe was shared through some team cookin' love (not sure what that is?  Check out this blog post to learn how to cook once and eat three different meals!).  It was such a hit with our co-owner Sprenkel that she makes it almost weekly now.  The link to the original recipe is listed here, but we've outlined for you how Sprenkel makes her big batch of salad (the easier way).

Kale and Brussel Sprouts Salad




  • 1 bag artisan Kale, shredded
  • 1.5 bags shredded brussel sprouts
  • 1/3 cup sliced almonds
  • olive oil
  • parmesan cheese


  • 2TBSP the seediest mustard you can find
  • juice of 3-4 lemons
  • 1TBSP minced shallot
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/2 cup olive oil

The most complicated part of this recipe is the dressing, so it's best to get that right out of the way.  Combine all of your dressing ingredients except the olive oil in a bowl and set aside to let the flavors blend together (as they do).  

Next, let's toast the almonds.  We were a little hesitant about this step (hate to dirty up another pot) but let us tell you, as someone once told us, make sure you toast those almonds.  To do this, simply warm a drizzle of oil in a pan over low heat and add the almonds.  Keep an eye on them so they don't burn, but you want them to turn a little bit of a darker brown.  Once they've reached the toasty-ness of your particular preference, pour them onto a few layers of paper towel to pat them down.  Add a sprinkle of salt.


Dump the bags of greens into a large mixing or serving bowl.  Sometimes, if we have time, we'll peel the kale leaves off of the stems, but in the Trader Joe's bag we buy, they're pretty ok as is.  Plus, we love to take shortcuts in the kitchen where they're not going to make a huge difference.  Slowly add the oil to your dressing mixture and whisk together.    Then, slowly add the dressing mix to the greens, tossing every so often to coat the salad.  You can add the almonds and cheese now, or to your individual servings!

 Look at those mustard seeds - the mustard makes the dressing!

Look at those mustard seeds - the mustard makes the dressing!

This is a great salad to make ahead on a weekend that only gets better with some time in the fridge.  It makes enough to eat all week for lunch, or to share with your family if you're feeling generous!  Be sure to let us know if you try it! 


7 Tips to Keep Your FitCamp Momentum Rolling

So you’ve made it halfway through FitCamp - that’s amazing!  For some of you that may be a longer commitment to fitness than any in recent years, and for others it may seem like old hat.  Either way, it’s challenging. We have a few tips for staying motivated through the second half of this program!

 Revisit your progress, check your goals and make appointments to work out - all your journal!

Revisit your progress, check your goals and make appointments to work out - all your journal!

  1. Check in with your Journal - Look back on those early workouts to see how far you’ve come!  Remember the first time we brought you man makers?  We know you still hate em, but they’re not as hard as they used to be!

  2. Grab Heavier Weights - If you’re not 100% satisfied with your progress, have an honest chat with yourself (or one of us!) about if you’re challenging yourself enough.  None of you should still be on the same weights for arms or legs that you started this program with.  Going heavier will help speed up some more results, and add another element of challenge to the class!

  3. Use Your Bonus Class - We include these for a reason (and not just because we’re the sweetest trainers in Tulsa).  Yoga and/or running are beautiful compliments to this strength training you’re doing.  Give them a shot once a week to keep things spicy.

  4. Keep Showing Up - Shift the focus from specific results to making it to class and doing the circuits.  We want to shift from results-based thinking to action-based acting.  Rather than trying to force, or expecting to see particular results day after day, just keep showing up, using heavier weights and working as hard as you can - we promise it works!

  5. Schedule Workouts -- Schedule your workout as a business meeting with yourself! Write them down in your journal and add them to your calendar.  Making exercise part of your daily routine will help you stay on track-- even on those days with no fitcamp, schedule the time and use it to do yoga, take the dog on a walk, hike, bike, garden or even just be outside.

  6. Remember Your Goals -- Make it a game to about accomplishing that task. Make it fun and a challenge. Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound. If you need help setting goals, or feel like you aren’t making progress towards the ones you’ve already set, let us know! That’s what we are here for, after all.  

  7. Use the StudiOne Community/ family /friends to keep you accountable -- There is no better way to show up for your commitment than to include your friends in your journey.  Luckily, at StudiOne, you have a built in community of people who are going through the same fitness journey as you are! Use social media to get inspired, state your goals, or rely on the StudiOne Squad! You will receive so much love and support, and accountability.  Plus, your friends and fam want only what is best for you, no need to go at this alone!

 Use your bonus class!  Better yet, invite a friend to join you!

Use your bonus class!  Better yet, invite a friend to join you!

We hope these tips motivate you to keep showing up, challenging yourself and grow into a stronger you! We are so happy you chose StudiOne and can’t wait to see ya throughout the last half of the program!

Versatile Veggie Recipe: Cauliflower Grits

Hey y'all, we are big fans of some grits around here.  With a particularly deep affection for the cheesy kind.  But, we know we can't be eatin' these daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  However, we have found a recipe that cuts it pretty close to taste AND provides an entire serving of veggies.  2, if you opt for seconds (we do!).

Cauliflower Grits

These are so easy to whip up, and incredibly versatile.  Try them for breakfast alongside some runny eggs, or underneath a gumbo for a more cajun feel.  They're delicious with some hot sauce on top as a side to a dinner or stand alone well with just salt and pepper.  

tempImageForSave (4).jpg


  • 2 bags of cauliflower rice, frozen
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 2 tsp garlic
  • 1/4 cup butter or ghee
  • salt and pepper
tempImageForSave (5).jpg
  1.  Microwave the frozen cauliflower for five to six minutes.
  2.  Let cauliflower sit for 1-2 minutes to cool.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Use an immersion blender or food processor to blend everything together, until it reaches a gritty consistency.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy your favorite way!
tempImageForSave (6).jpg
tempImageForSave (7).jpg