StudiOne All Access Membership!


You asked...

Over the last several months, we’ve made it our priority to reflect on 2017–

taking in your feedback, applying it to our plans for 2018.

We think we’ve succeeded and we hope you agree.

What we learned: you want MORE…

…more class times

…more variety of exercises

…more challenges

What we are doing about it: giving the people what they want (DUH!)

…new running and FitCamp times

…new circuit formats and moves

…new all access VIP MEMBERSHIP

Wait...What exactly does that mean?

Unlimited access to FitCamp, yoga, running and our (NEW!) nutrition coaching all under ONE EXCLUSIVE ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP!

Launching in 2018, you’ll be able to get the most out of StudiOne without having to pay more in separate memberships for Running + FitCamp + Yoga + Nutrition. Sign up this January to gain access to all of our studio offerings all year for just $199 per month!

This 12-month membership gives you complete access to StudiOne, Teresa and Jessica.  

Or...if you want to stick to just yoga, just running, just FitCamp, or just nutrition, then that’s ok by us!  

We look forward to new moves, new poses, new goals and more YOU in 2018!

Thank you for being part of this community!  ♥️ Jessica + Teresa