Gentle Yoga

Mon-Fri: 6 am               Sat: 9 am


Soft, slow, supported. Great for flexibility, working through injuries or just beginning your yoga journey. A variety of props are used to ensure conscious relaxation. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Once a month, Saturdays 10:30am (check MindBody)

Build heat, strength, and flexibility while improving flexibility, balance, and coordination. This class focuses on synchronizing your breath with postures.

Flow Yoga

Tue, Wed, Thu: 10:15 am                         Mon- Thu: 5:30 pm                                 Tue: 6:45 pm

Center your practice with a focus on alignment and a strong foundation through a moderate pace of sun salutations and asanas in this varied sequence predetermined by the teacher. Every flow class is unique.

Out of Office Yoga

Mon–Thu: 11:30 am


Gentle, flow, focused. This class was designed to release tension and sharpen your mind. Stretching the entire body provides you with increased energy and a strong body.

Fit Camp Series

Mon, Wed, Fri: 7 am and 12:30 pm                     Mon, Wed, Thu: 4:45 pm


Our signature lifestyle program. In twelve weeks you'll develop a strength training habit, learn how to eat for health and wellness not by counting anything, and join a supportive community of fitness minded friends in downtown Tulsa. Sign up is required before participation.

Run Group Series

Tues: 6am(Track - $5)       Th: 6am (HIIT - $5)     Sat: 7 am (free)


Faster, farther, stronger. Work out with a trainer without the large cost of one! Train with our running groups to run your first or fastest race. We offer extended options for 5K and Half Marathons twice per year: fall and spring.

Yoga Fit

Tue, Thu: 6 am           Tue, Thu: 12:30 pm      Fri: 11:30 am


The best of both worlds.  Spend the first half of class working up a sweat in a bootcamp style class with running, weights, and interval training. Wind back down to earth in the second half of class through a centering yoga practice.